Inside the palace: Al Arabiya’s documentary on Qatari royal’s criminal lawsuits

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After a lawsuit was filed by six American plaintiffs against Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad, brother of the Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, on June 21, Al Arabiya interviewed two of the plaintiffs who claim the royal imprisoned them and ordered them to kill for him, among other accusations.

In a documentary titled “Inside the Palace,” Al Arabiya gets the full details on the allegations made by two Americans, Mathew Pittard and Mathew Allende who were working for the Qatari royal.

Initially filed by the two plaintiffs last July 23 in a US federal court in Florida, the same lawsuit against Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani also alleges he attempted to enlist an American security staffer to murder two people and ordered him to hold another American captive.

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“I'm going to kill you, bury you in the desert, and kill your family,” is what Pittard, who worked as a security guard for the Sheikh, was told when he tried to help another US citizen escape “abuse” in the Qatari palace, according to the documentary.

The other plaintiff, paramedic Allende, said that after rarely ever taking a vacation, the Sheikh allowed him to leave the compound, only to be stopped by the security guards at the gate and told that he cannot leave.

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“I decided to leave on my own so I ran off,” Allende told Al Arabiya. “I hurled over the 5.5 foot fence…and jumped off, but I was unsuccessful and shattered my right foot.”

The Sheikh asked to see Allende after the incident and told him: “what’s up Spiderman? You’re trying to climb the wall?”

Sheikh Khalid is being accused of ordering his staff to murder US citizens on American soil, of sexual assault on a male prostitute, and of killing his wife’s driver in Doha, according to the lawsuit.

Killing a driver

Terry Hope, one of the plaintiffs who worked for Sheikh Khalid’s Al Anabi Racing team, made several accusations including the Qatari’s request he commit murder on his behalf.

Hope said he witnessed Sheikh Khalid beat his wife’s driver to death with the assistance of the Emiri Guard in an al-Thani royal family desert camp compound outside of Doha.

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“This is what happens when you cross me. This is my world … Everyone has their breaking point. I’ll find yours … If you ever want to get into my inner circle, you will have to show your loyalty,” Hope accused Sheikh Khalid of saying.

Hope also alleged that he was forced to watch Sheikh Khalid, Jason Sharpe who is one of the Qatari Sheikh’s employees, and another friend Sheikh Khalid’s “commit an act of sodomy against a male prostitute with a billiard stick.”

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