I will expose the Qatar regime, ‘terrorists’ in more audio leaks: Opposition activist

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The Qatari opposition activist who has released a series of audio recordings capturing political conversations of senior Qatari officials says that he has more leaks to publish in his goal to “expose all those who conspired with the Qatari regime.”

Opposition activist Khalid al-Hail has released a series of audio leaks of undated conversations involving Qatar’s former Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, former Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, and the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

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The recordings, which al-Hail says he has exclusively, have brought attention to what seem to be Qatar’s plots against the rulers of neighboring countries and ties with Gaddafi’s revolutionary Libyan regime.

In an interview with Al Arabiya, al-Hail said that the extent of plotting surprised him – and that he plans to leak more information, despite receiving death threats.

“I know that the two Hamad regimes [the two previous Qatari emirs before the current one] are traitors and liars ... You only heard a few minutes, in some of which Gaddafi’s voice was deleted, but I saw and heard it all. I know what is going on inside the [Qatari] government’s system, so I decided to expose all those who conspired with the Qatari regime and those who conspire with this terrorist group,” said al-Hail, when asked about his motivation for the leaks.

Khalid al-Hail. (Supplied)
Khalid al-Hail. (Supplied)

Al-Hail added that he was surprised about the extent of the “conspiracy and plotting” and that what he had currently leaked was “nothing in comparison” to what he had heard.

Rather than release all the recordings at once, al-Hail said that they would reach a wider audience following his current method of publishing a series of short leaks via his social media pages.

Khalid al-Hail: Leader of the Qatari opposition?

Al-Hail has been described as “the leader of the Qatari opposition.”

He is one of the most prominent Qatari critics of the royal family, especially the former Emir Sheikh Hamad, and

Al-Hail was imprisoned by the Qatari regime in 2010 and 2014, he told the New York Times, saying he had been tortured and electrocuted.

Now in exile in London, al-Hail heads the Qatar National Democratic Party, which calls for the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in Qatar. He frequently appears on media channels criticizing the ruling al-Thani family.

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Exposing Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in Kuwait

The recordings have also captured conversations featuring senior figures associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait.

The audio features two Kuwaiti politicians in conversation with Libyan former leader Gaddafi: Former MP Mubarak al-Duwailah, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned Islamic Constitutional Movement, and Hakim al-Mutairi, the founder of the unofficial Kuwaiti Ummah Party who has been designated as a terrorist by the Arab Quarter.

An audio released on Sunday reportedly captured al-Duwailah meeting with Gaddafi and discussing the fall of Saudi Arabia.

Kuwait’s government responded to the leak on Monday, denying al-Duwailah’s claims that he had briefed the Kuwaiti Emir about his meeting with Gaddafi.

“Kuwait’s Amiri Diwan Sunday termed as ‘totally untrue and fabrications’ the remarks made Mubarak Al-Duwailah that he briefed His Highness the Amir about details of his meeting with ex-president Muammar Gaddafi,” said a statement posted on the official Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

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Al-Mutairi was also recorded discussing revolutionary plans for the region with Gaddafi, including “bringing down these governments.”

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In the latest leak, he is heard plotting against Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Sources at Kuwait University, where al-Mutairi was a Sharia professor, revealed that Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior had launched an investigation into al-Mutairi based on the recording.

For al-Hail, the recordings expose two Kuwaitis as “political beggars” who went to Gaddafi for support, which al-Hail says helps expose the Muslim Brotherhood and its “climbers and fawners.”

“In the end, I think that the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait in particular will fall and fall strongly because what we have on them, whether documents or file or even recordings or others, all these are documented,” said al-Hail.

“Even Hakim al-Mutairi, he deceived his country, he deceived many people in the Arab Gulf region. You only heard a part of the leaks, but you don’t know the rest of it. He created a system that exists even in Saudi Arabia and even in people who are now imprisoned on terror charges who were also complicit,” he added.

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