The Palestinian cause: A just cause with incompetent defenders

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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A meeting of the representatives of various Palestinian factions held shortly after the UAE-Israeli peace agreement showed these factions for what they truly are and proved what we have often repeated: The Palestinian cause is the most just case defended by the most incompetent and thick-headed lawyers on earth.

One of the leaders of these factions went so far as to incite Palestinians living in the Gulf to revolt. By doing so, he is signaling that the Palestinians are a time bomb in these countries, one that must inevitably explode and shake the stability these countries enjoy.

This has raised concern and apprehension among Gulf Palestinians, who fear expulsion under the pretext that they are a threat to stability. In response, UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed reassured them that this is not the case, reiterating that such irresponsible statements cannot alter our fraternal and gracious treatment of the Palestinians living among us.

I’d like to remind this lawless troublemaker that Palestinians in the Gulf do not live in camps, like other refugees in Arab countries, nor are they prevented from working in any job for which they are qualified. Rather, they live among us and are free to practice any profession in the labor market.

We know that Palestinians in the Gulf are envied by Palestinians in refugee camps in Arab countries, as a Palestinian acquaintance who was born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia told me. I have no doubt that such an inflammatory statement by this so-called Palestinian leader is a clear expression of this type of jealousy.

As for the claim that it was Palestinians who educated us and built our countries, it is baseless. They did not fulfill these tasks on a volunteer basis, for the sake of God Almighty, but rather for a wage that supported them and afforded them a good quality of life. Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians and Pakistanis, and many Asian countries were also part of this category.

In fact, when it comes to the pride of Saudi industrial development, Jubail and Yanbu, Palestinians only contributed through clerical or other modest professions, while workers from Asian countries carried out the main efforts. Neither the Indians, for example, nor the Filipinos, ever try to hold this over us. Advanced nations are aware that in today’s economy the law of “mutual interests” rules.

If these countries participated in building the prosperity we enjoy today, we have also contributed to absorbing unemployment in their countries, and we provided their citizens with a decent livelihood and standard of living.

The same holds true for workers from Asian countries, particularly China, who helped build the prosperity of the United States. Have the Chinese ever held it over America as these backward representatives hold it over the Gulf?

As for Mahmoud Abbas’ statement that they are solely responsible for the Palestinian cause, and that no one has the right to talk about it, I wholeheartedly agree with him. The cause is theirs, not ours, and they should not be upset when an Arab or Muslims says, the Palestinian cause is not my cause. Abu Mazen confirms this.

In conclusion, the meeting of the representatives of the Palestinian factions reminded me of the poet’s words:
Without leadership, people cannot resolve chaos.

Nor will they prosper if the ignorant among them prevail. I do not think there are more ignorant fools in Palestine than these representatives.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, the Saudi Arabian publication Al-Jazirah.

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