Delusional Macron

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French President Emmanuel Macron should have educated himself about modern history before falling in the delusion and heresy of separating economics from politics. If he did that, he would have spared himself the embarrassment and the bitterness of failure.

Macron should have read about President Rafik Hariri from the day he assumed office until he was assassinated, and the subsequent systematic targeting of the Lebanese economy where the Axis of Resistance and its lackeys to take over Greater Lebanon by all illegitimate means.

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As the time of courtesies and etiquette is long gone, and since everything is out in the open now, I have to say that where there is a flagrant confiscation of sovereignty, economy is doomed to fail.

The attempt to separate economics from politics received a blow that took down the delusions of the French president who roamed the streets of Beirut thinking that he is the savior and that he could get what he wants through manipulating the Axis and its affiliates, but that proved too much for him to handle.

Had Macron read into the previous phase, he would have understood that the only aim of having the Christian Free Patriotic Movement sign the Mar Mikhael agreement was to bring us to where we are right now.

He would have also realized that those who thought they could defeat their opponents by signing this agreement and change history retroactively, ended up suffering from failure and successive disasters.

The purpose behind involving the Christians in this agreement was to enable the Axis leadership to have a grip on the region while alienating other parties which are deemed replaceable. Those who failed to realize this are being hit with one disappointment after another.

The first disappointment was when the mask of the “minority protection” fell off as alliances formed under this lie were found to be mere steps in the ladder which the Axis and its lackeys used to climb up and achieve their agenda from such project, intimidating the new Christians who had their agenda as well to worry about.

This is not the first time that the Axis affiliates feel that they are cornered and give fake assurances that they have agreed to separate politics from economics, only to change their position later without any concern for consequences.

They do not care about Lebanon. It makes no difference to them if Lebanon is devoured by poverty and terrorism. They do not care if Lebanon’s Christians lose faith and hope for their country, leading them to seriously consider isolating themselves in a canton that is poorer than its surroundings.

All of this does not matter to the Axis, and it may even better serve them as long as separating economics from politics is still beneficial to them, and as long as it is still deceiving whomever would believe that they can use Lebanon, under the sponsorship of the French Republic, to assume a leading role in the region as they believe the promises made during the “Residence des Pins” meeting to find out later that promises made by a foreigner are not actionable on the Lebanese grounds.

The claims that the power-sharing balance will be preserved through the Ministry of Finance are deceiving. The Axis ultimately wants to have all the power to itself, and it will only allow other players to have whatever roles it allows them to have under its control.

To this end, the Axis will keep everyone busy with its fake adoption of separating politics from economics, while it slips into the country whatever will enable it to maintain its project and influence.