Another spring that will not be coming

Mohammed Salah

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Steered by intelligence agencies, states, and other foreign parties serving personal agendas, interests and alliances, the Arab Spring struck Egypt after sweeping through other countries of the region, ravaging societies, and shattering national cohesion with its debris.

The undeniable truth remains that internal conditions posed a breeding ground for foreign conspiracies, resulting in the current consequences and the new landscape.

This marks the difference between the developments that took place during the Arab Spring and what some regional powers and intelligence services, together with radical and terrorist organizations, are trying to achieve now, but facing one failure after another.

For example, the relationship between the “Muslim Brotherhood” on one hand, and both Turkey and Qatar on the other, can no longer be swept under the rug. At a strategic level, we cannot disconnect the objectives of Ankara and Doha from those of the international organization of the “Brotherhood” and the efforts and endeavors of the three parties.

We do not have to look for evidence to prove the already concrete relationship between the trio, or the Turkish and Qatari support for the group, manifested by the continuous support and funding of its leaders, or even the employment of significant media platforms to advocate the “Brotherhood,” justifying their actions, improving their image or covering their tracks, to the point of taking implacable stands against anyone who criticizes the “Brotherhood” and tries to expose their plots.

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Surely, Turkey and Qatar are in the same boat as the “Brotherhood.” The Arab Spring placed this alliance at the forefront of global events. The current on-the-ground reality and the failed attempts to restore that spring indicate that the masses have realized the magnitude of the threat the “Brotherhood” poses and revealed the roles that the Qatari and Turkish media continued to play to subvert people’s awareness and brain wash them.

The question remains: Is there a forthcoming spring? All previous leads have indicated that the “Brotherhood” chose to climb up a cliff when they pounced to power in Egypt and sought to do the same in other countries and wrote their own demise. Ankara and Doha are repeating the “Brotherhood’s” mistake.

The two capitals considered that the Arab Spring was the result of efforts and money spent and thought that they would realize their dream of assuming a major role in the region. But the Egyptian people’s revolution against the “Brotherhood’s” reign turned the dream into a horrible nightmare.

Although the Qatari cash flow in the direction of the organization has never ceased, and the ongoing Turkish logistical support of the group, Qatar has not changed its policies and continues to spread nuisance to its neighbors and Egypt. While Turkey is still engaging in the same conduct to satisfy its regional aspirations.

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But the present state of affairs shows that the plots will come to an end as the “Brotherhood” lost its battle in Egypt. The “Brotherhood’s” fate after their defeat in Egypt says a lot about the fate of the Qatari-Turkish role vis-à-vis Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt!

Inasmuch as the extensive human and material disasters and casualties the Arab Spring has inflicted, and despite the adverse effects of its debris of dividing and fragmenting societies, and despite the belief that revolutions, unrest, demonstrations, and chaos that hit the Arab States that were ravaged by the Arab Spring, Muslim wannabes have emerged as the only organized force with sufficient mechanisms to communicate and deal with the different sections of the population.

Thus, their rise to power in some states was only natural. The undeniable fact remains that, were it not for the Arab Spring, Muslim wannabes would still have popular support from groups that otherwise would have never believed that purportedly religious groups and organizations inciting jihad without fail for the liberation of Palestine had the sole purpose of seizing power and that they would be willing to sell their principles to the highest bidder, turning into muppets controlled by parties and countries fulfilling their ambitions provided that those parties continue to fund the leaders of that group or its figures who had fled.

Surely, pretentious wannabe Muslim regimes, their supporters, and entities that justify their actions, have seen better days. The “Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt, for example, allied with Qatar prior to January 25, 2011, leaking news to the media on the Qatari payroll, whilst doing business with Hosni Mubarak’s regime and coordinating with security services, running in the elections and winning parliamentary seats, collecting donations, distributing sugar and oil to people in Ramadan, holding breakfast banquets amongst the opposition and government communities, where they all feast at the “Brotherhood” tables.

Back then, the “Brotherhood” had a strong presence and Doha and its media had an influencial role. But, when people turned against the Arab Spring and the “Brotherhood” lost popular sympathy and the Egyptian people overthrew the rule of Mohamed Morsi, it became clear to the whole world that the “Brotherhood” was no different than “ISIS,” and that it was only a matter of nomenclature, or division of roles, and that the game of the pretentious Muslims began with politics and media and ended with violence and terrorism.

Doha lost its influence and the money it spent over the years. The role that Ankara had been playing began to collapse. This continuation of deception was not acceptable to the world. Terrorism posed a threat to all, and ISIS was spewing its poison into the Western societies after it ripping the Arab fabric.

Finally, the new parameters have proved that there is no room for a new spring except in the minds of the “Brotherhood” and the imaginations of its supporters and financiers. People discovered the truth about the pretentious Muslims and the objectives of their puppeteers. Popular awareness of the deception and schemes of intelligence services and their attempts to stir the people has increased as people become more capable of dealing with crises, solving problems, and overcoming adversities.

After being overthrown in Egypt, the “Brotherhood” turned to violence and terrorism and engaged in verbal abuse against all those who opposed them or supported their departure, which seems to have immunized people against the group’s viruses and its poison.

This piece was originally published in Lebanese news outlet An-Nahar.

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