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Former Saudi Arabian Secretary of the National Security Council, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, not only documented the Kingdom's honorable historical positions on the issues of the region, but also gave an account of all the grave errors committed by the Palestinians.

He pinpointed the flaws and shortcomings that have harmed the just Palestinian cause.

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The veteran diplomat, who is well-acquainted with the inner workings of regional and international politics, laid bare all the bizarre positions of Palestinian leaders, who brought great harm to their cause.

The Palestinian leaders turned their cause from a sacred right and a historical injustice into a traded commodity that they and others use. In his interview with the Al Arabiya, His Highness Prince Bandar told the story of how the Palestinians lost their way.

Whether in Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, or other countries, the Palestinians have fragmented and wasted efforts to free Palestine, failed to realize the dream of a Palestinian state, and dragged their cause into a maze of complications in a way that served no one but the Israeli occupation, which cunningly invested in the Palestinian differences and mistakes.

Yasser Arafat and Saudi Arabia's King Fahd in 2000. (File photo: AFP)
Yasser Arafat and Saudi Arabia's King Fahd in 2000. (File photo: AFP)

Prince Bandar revealed to us how the Kingdom rose above unjust accusations and disrespectful media on many occasions. At the end of the day, unequivocal support was unfortunately met with disregard. At certain stages, according to the Prince, the Kingdom had supported the Palestinians in their choices despite disagreeing with them in order to protect the cause from fragmentation and division.

The Kingdom still supported the Palestinian's choices even after giving them sound advice against taking such choices, but they ignored the advice. This is proof of the Kingdom's upright and steadfast position against all blatant accusations and disrespect.

Prince Bandar bin Sultan's interview with the Al Arabiya, which reveals many concealed facts and sheds light on the untold reality of Arab politics, marks a new dawn of transparency and truthfulness and ends a long chapter of noble silence toward the unrealistic Palestinian discourse.

Instead of bearing the brunt of their mistakes, absurd choices, and indecisive positions, the Palestinian leaders have chosen to offend the country that has made the Palestinian cause its top priority since day one.

This piece was originally published in Al Riyadh newspaper.

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