What should we expect if Biden is elected president?

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is considered relatively moderate among his fellow members of the Democratic Party even though he served as vice president under Barack Obama with his leftist politics and deep-rooted hostility towards Arabs, despite the fact that his father is of Islamic origins.

In a televised interview during the so-called Arab Spring, Biden was asked if he was optimistic about the Arab Spring, and his answer was that he found it rather worrisome. For this reason, many US affairs specialists argue that a Biden presidency is not a continuation of the Obama administration. In fact, he seems much more moderate, and he does not carry the same animosity towards Arabs as Obama did.

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There is no doubt that it is in our best interest that US President Donald Trump wins this election, since his foreign policies are well-known and aligned with the interests of our region, especially towards the Iranian regime.

Trump has been consistently firm in his stance towards Iran and their pursuit of nuclear weapons.

However, in my opinion, Biden's victory will not be that bad, or it will prove to be as disastrous as the opponents of moderate Arab countries aspire, as it was during the fateful era of Barack Obama’s presidency. Furthermore, during the Trump presidency, Iran has demonstrated its vicious, expansionist and terror-spreading agenda, thus making it a true instigator of unrest, conflict and terrorism in the region.

From an early stage, I have always known that Iran is a cleric-dominated state that will never live up to the standards of a modern civil society. It has no regard for human life, and its only concern is to spread certain ideologies, as its constitution clearly states in one of its articles. For this reason, I was certain that it will fail to keep pace with the times.

Saudi Arabia, in addition to moderate Arab countries, are considered key players in the region as per modern standards. It is safe to say that previous reservations that the Democrats had are no longer in play, especially with most of these countries leaning towards concluding peace and normalization deals with Israel.

This major shift in the region’s foreign approach cannot be overlooked by candidate Biden if he were to win the elections.

It is also worth noting that any new president will not be able to dismiss the latest attacks Iranians are waging against Americans in Iraq, in addition to the crimes committed by Iran's terrorist arm Lebanese Hezbollah, and in particular its direct affiliation to the horrific explosion in the Port of Beirut.

As for the Ottoman menace represented by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, there is no mistaking that he is currently condemned by most countries worldwide. There is even a leak of Biden saying that Erdoğan is a bully and he must be declawed. In my opinion, Erdoğan’s threat and his reckless political actions have driven European countries to voice their disapproval, and openly threaten him with sanctions.

Since one of Biden's most important objections towards Trump's policies is his dismissal of Europe as an important ally to the US, then it is only understandable that putting an end to Turkish bullying will be Biden's top priority. This will definitely be in our best interest in the region since it will limit the menacing actions of this enemy that is no less dangerous than the Safavid clerics who rule Iran.

Many Arabs believe that the fierce attacks launched by US media platforms against moderate Arab countries are an indication of what Biden’s policies would be if he won. However, we must consider that these platforms, regardless of their orientation, were also constantly waging vicious attacks against Trump. I have no doubt that as soon as President Biden enters the White House, these campaigns will end, or at least their intensity will be greatly diminished, since Trump was the intended target and not moderate Arab countries.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in particular, is a key player in the region; it has long-standing strategic ties with the US, not to mention that it is a member of the G20.

All of this cannot be dismissed by any US president. In my opinion, everything that is repeated during election campaigns is only said to arouse controversy and, in many cases, it is dictated by election auctions. As soon as the election campaign ends, we can expect all these controversies to fade.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Al-Jazirah.

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