Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails reveal catastrophic disruptive schemes for the region

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah
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Can anyone remain even slightly skeptical about the involvement of former US President Barack Obama’s administration in the efforts to bring down Arab countries and societies?

There is certainly no room for doubt anymore, and no one can deny this fact since the Obama administration itself acknowledged that it played a role in instigating and promoting the so-called Arab Spring, as well as providing guidance and support to its leaders.

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The plan had been to spread chaos and unrest in certain targeted Arab countries, and the plan was set in motion under false pretenses.

The US spared no effort to achieve this goal and it did not hesitate to provide all means of support, financing, recruitment, and intervention to ensure its success. Obama himself as well as important figures from his administration affirmed their involvement; however, they always made sure to pacify Arab societies with noble justifications.

At this point, it is no longer possible to dismiss the horrid truth, and I believe we can see the big picture now much more vividly. We have all witnessed the catastrophic consequences of this nefarious plan; we have seen countries fall into disarray, societies are now more divided than ever, armies have collapsed, and civil wars have claimed the lives of thousands of Arabs.

For this reason, when US President Donald Trump decided in favor of declassifying the emails of Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the bigger picture became even more crystal clear. Shocking details were unearthed in Clinton’s 35575 emails distributed over 1779 pages each with 20 emails except the last page with 15 emails, and the Democratic Party’s involvement with the “Muslim Brotherhood” have been revealed.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during an event promoting The Book of Gutsy Women at the Southbank Centre in London. (Reuters)
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during an event promoting The Book of Gutsy Women at the Southbank Centre in London. (Reuters)

Everything will start to make sense if we examine the emails recently uncovered along with those leaked by WikiLeaks years ago. Now the entire world is aware of many major scandals involving the “Muslim Brotherhood”, Qatar and Obama’s administration and their plan to destroy the Arab world. The emails even expose some of the heinous infractions committed by left-wing extremists.

In one of her emails, Clinton said: “I warned Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal against sending the Peninsula Shield forces to Bahrain in 2011, because this might cause a crisis between the US and Saudi Arabia; but Prince Saud hung up the phone in my face, and forces were sent to Bahrain for its protection.”

Furthermore, Clinton stated that the Saudis no longer trust America to take their interests into account or to protect them from their enemies, especially after what happened in December 2002, when the United States invaded Iraq, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia expressed its fierce opposition.

On the other hand, no one can deny Saudi Arabia’s resolute stance towards the Arab Spring and the US’s involvement.

The entire world witnessed Prince Saud Al-Faisal as he traveled to European countries following the Egyptian revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule in June 2013 to confirm Saudi Arabia’s support for the Egyptian people and its willingness to compensate Egypt for any damage it may undergo as a result of American pressures.

France’s President Francois Hollande (L) in Paris and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal (R) in 2013. (Al Arabiya)
France’s President Francois Hollande (L) in Paris and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal (R) in 2013. (Al Arabiya)

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi takes advantage of every opportunity to commend the Saudi and Emirati role in protecting the Egyptian revolution, confirming their role in thwarting all attempts to bring down the revolution and protect the “Muslim Brotherhood”. Al-Sisi never misses an opportunity to say, “Not all nations are capable of taking such a commendable position, because not anyone can stand up to great powers.”

Since the eruption of the Arab Spring in the region, Arab countries have turned, with the support of the Obama administration, into a daily target for Western media outlets to express their anger and disapproval of the way the people in areas of conflict remained steadfast in the face of terrorism, revolutions and chaos.

These media outlets targeted these countries not with the aim of providing impartial information, analyzing policies, nor to discuss visions and ideas, but rather to mislead societies, divide them, and sow discord among them. Upon analyzing the status quo, it is only natural for this question to come to mind; Why do some Western media outlets hold certain animosity and hostility towards Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and why do they refrain from publishing articles about them unless they are negative or harmful?

In a bold move, Trump decided to unveil Clinton’s “emails” exposing her involvement and how she conspired against the Middle East and the Gulf States. This unsurprising involvement was well known; however, many believed that it was limited to providing funds as well as general support and guidance. The leaks have revealed that the US was closely involved in all the meticulous details, to the point of supervising the content broadcasted on certain TV channels and putting forward solutions if one or more channels faced technical problems or closures.

One of the “emails” revealed a Qatari project to establish a “Muslim Brotherhood” channel, with $100 million in funding, under the supervision of Khairat Al-Shater, deputy to the Supreme Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

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The information that was recently revealed explains why Western, Qatari, and Turkish media outlets have taken it upon themselves to wage daily attacks on Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. These four countries stand in the way of Turkish and Qatari ambitions and aspirations, as well as disrupt the “Muslim Brotherhood’s” corrupt endeavors.

The Obama administration believed that spreading chaos in the region would create the perfect environment for it to impose its dominance and control. Meanwhile, the rulers of Qatar held on to their deep-rooted hatred towards other neighboring countries that proved their excellence and supremacy to the entire world.

As for the “Muslim Brotherhood”, they were blinded by delusions of dominating Egypt and expanding to other Arab countries, but these delusions were quickly shattered when Egypt received support from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Everything was planned, a section of the western media turned into a pawn in the hands of the “Muslim Brotherhood” as they were instructed to do their bidding. This targeted attack by the media served the interests of Turkey and Qatar and aided them in stirring up unrest, in order to achieve the same goals that the Obama administration sought to achieve.

If you happen to be questioning what the Obama administration stands to gain from the spread of chaos and terrorism in the Arab region, the answer to that question would be found if we examine the “Greater Middle East” plan and the theory of “constructive chaos” that American institutions and bodies still believe in. Many media and research centers in the United States and Europe are still trying to revive this plan in order to achieve narrow interests.

Finally, what I find truly alarming is that American and Western media institutions that have been respected for years, did not resist nor hesitate following Obama’s agenda, and they continued to back Qatari and Turkish media platforms without any shame.

They did not shy away from releasing false news or expressed any remorse when their reports appeared fake or fabricated. Let me remind you that these media institutions had been highly regarded, and universities even adopted and taught their code of ethics and professional conduct.

However, these universities are now presenting it as an example of a poor ineffective model that must be avoided.

The upside to all this, in my opinion, is that the entire world is now aware of all the details of a catastrophic plan adopted by the American administration and the enormous irreversible damage it caused after its failure.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Annahar al-Arabi.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not reflect Al Arabiya English's point-of-view.
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