Identify as an activist and then conspire with Qatar, Iran and Canada

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We must be aware that the issue is far from being a mere coincidence, and that the development of national traitors and informants did not come in vain.

In fact, it was a lengthy process that passed through several stages.

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In other words, these traitors and informants did not parachute down on us out of nowhere, and they did not grow by chance in our lands and streets.

The causes that they espouse are not innocent, with a timing that’s quite questionable, and backed by Western sponsors that did not emerge out of the blue.

Those who remember the wave of the Arab Spring know that the activists in Egypt were ready to clamp down on the public opinion and to steer it towards rage, only to trigger later on a coup, which is exactly what happened.

These activists had been trained and qualified for years, and some of them developed valuable relationships with Western civil institutions that embrace rights, while ultimately being used for intelligence and with their human rights “shops” funded by US and European institutions.

They are paid to take on humanitarian causes carefully designed to garner sympathy.

In a nutshell, it was all orchestrated.

In Saudi Arabia, we were not cut off from the rest of the world, and some were watching the scene unfold.

As a result, they launched the Umma Party in 2009, just months before the wave began. The party was the arm of the movement and a cover for any future wave. However, they failed, and their project failed, because the popular Saudi sponsor completely rejected them.

Uneasiness amongst the revolutionaries surged and created a division between conservatives and those who supported westernization, and between supporters of social causes and those who rejected them, until the uneasiness turned into threats and convulsive reactions.

We can remember how female employment was brought up and turned into an explosive issue, all in preparation for a momentous day which they had all been waiting for an expecting when they launched major revolutions or crises.

Of course, there were those who were pushing society towards tension and frustration, appearing in the media as supporters of both sides.

This is what we call today the “Al-Jabri” scene.

So, we are talking about a mysterious foe, hiding behind many details and having accumulated capabilities and expertise, the first of which is to build for those who qualify as sellouts and traitors among the members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a trove of activities that the world classifies as human rights activities or an exercise of the freedom of expression.

All of these activities are deceptive images that are passed on to the subconscious of the public opinion.

For example, a human rights activist, a women’s rights defender, an independent writer, a researcher in public affairs, a civil rights activist, and so on. Of course, these are all profiles they use as a pretext for their destructive activities.

As soon as these names and many others are mentioned in the Western media, they will receive massive support, and then organizations and decision-making centers will be mobilized to exercise pressure on governments and accuse them of clamping down on opinion leaders and activists without verifying their acts.

Later on, Western agencies, including the opposing left-wing press, will start using these cases for moral extortion and slander.

For example, is it possible for the New York Times to promote Qasem Soleimani as an activist and defender of freedoms? It is doing today to Al-Awda and others what it did to Soleimani in the past.

In the process of becoming informants and conspirators, there are many stages that traitors must pass through, and many activities that they must carry out before reaching a very dangerous stage, which is that of confrontation and exposure to the security services, and then imprisonment.

For example, young members of the Brotherhood are pushed to work in the press, write articles, appear on television, carry out social work, join organizations and voluntary action groups, even if they do not have the talent. They are also pushed to become affiliated with international organizations and engage in activities such as with web experts, bloggers or others.

What matters is these informants build a rich record or résumé that can earn them some sympathy if they are exposed, or at least provide the organizations that support them with tools that can be used to defend them and subsequently promote them to the Western press when needed.

The Muslim Brotherhood has excelled at using this tactic, and it has been exposed by police officials, but it is not known to the public who are surprised that those who were triggering their emotions and defending populism are being investigated and even imprisoned after the issuance of legal verdicts against them.

- This piece was originally published in Okaz.

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