The stupid question

Khalid Bin Hamad al-Malik

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Whenever the time comes for the American people to choose their new president, some ill-intentioned enemies of Saudi Arabia and the US perceive it as an opportunity to pose the (stupid) question about the future of US-Saudi bilateral relations.

The aim is to raise doubts over the continuity of the relationship and how it might change under the new president, compared to their predecessor. Somehow, these doubters think that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shares this relationship with only the US president, rather than with the nation as a whole, comprised of its great people as well as its presidents, be they Democratic or Republican.

These doubting people turn a blind eye to the fact that the relationship between the two countries is a historical, strategic one, with common interests shared by both Washington and Riyadh, making them both keen on maintaining this relationship in its current form.

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The truth remains that presidents come and go, but the common interests the two countries share will always outweigh the policies that divide them. All those who bet on this relationship faltering who fail to recognize its historical and strategic context have failed time after time, but they never learn their lesson.

In the fever of the American presidential elections, some started asking: What if President Donald Trump loses? What will the Kingdom’s relationship with Joe Biden’s presidency be like if he wins? And will the relationship remain the same if Trump wins the second term?

The special relationship the Kingdom has with the US was never a personal one with the president himself. It has always been with the great nation of the United States of America. Historically, all American presidents have made sure this relationship with the kings of the Kingdom remains a distinguished one, which has been evident for decades.

If history has taught us anything, it is that many Arab leaders had bet on their unilateral relations with the Soviet Union, and opposed the US, only to realize later that the loss was theirs, and not that of the US. The Kingdom, on the other hand, has always remained faithful to its relations with America that are based on common interests and converging policies. However, these strong ties with the US have never stopped the Kingdom from extending relations with the rest of the world.

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Therefore, as far as the Kingdom is concerned, whether Trump gets reelected as President for a second term, or Biden wins the elections, nothing will change. Cooperation with either of one of them will stay strong. This strong foundation laid by King Abdulaziz and the Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt in their 1945 meeting will always guarantee that this historical relationship between Riyadh and Washington, which based on respect, honesty and commitment to agreements between the two sides, will always remain intact.

In conclusion, the leadership and the people of the Kingdom will always respect any American president chosen by the people, as proven by the decades of relations between our two countries. These relations will always remain intact and unaffected by irresponsible behavior. Harmony in goals, policies, and visions shared by the two countries will remain stronger than anyone who speaks stupidly, ignorantly, or passively of the strongest relationship between the largest and most powerful country in the world and the largest and most important country in our region.

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