Muslim immigrants in the West

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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I stand against the demands of some simple commoners to boycott all European products. These naive folk do not mind starving to death just to inflict harm on the “infidel” West, as they call it.

To them I say: Surely I agree with you that offending Prophet Mohammad is a red line. It is unacceptable, and we do not tolerate those who take part in it, but you must thoroughly consider our situation before you jump to conclusions. Gentlemen, we are dependent nations. Those countries you want to boycott are the ones who grow the crops we eat, manufacture the clothes we wear, make the medicines and equipment we use to treat our sick, and build the transportation means we travel with.

We are consumerist nations who do not produce.

In fact, in our culture, some still look down on industries and professions. They still believe we are warriors, fighters, who celebrate and glorify the brave man who throws himself in harm’s way. In order for us to move forward, we have to change our ways and acknowledge our social ills, and not be outraged when we are undermined by the West as having no humane or civilized values.

It is baffling to me how these people demand boycotting these countries, while so many Arabs are lining up at the gates of the embassies of these “infidel” Western countries hoping to have the blessing of a visa bestowed upon them, a visa that will allow them to go live in those countries. Some of them may even risk their lives in the sea in hope of reaching the land of the infidels. And if God ultimately grants them a safe arrival, it will not be long before they start exploiting their hosts’ freedoms, bullying them and provoking strife and unrest in their countries demanding that they exchange their values, customs, and traditions with those of the countries of the newcomers.

These people I dare ask, “If you like your ways so much, why didn’t you stay in your own countries?” The answer is usually nothing but empty words and useless fallacies.

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This fake gallantry and bullying of some Arab immigrants in the West will soon come back to haunt them. Extremist right-wing populist organizations in Europe are growing and attracting more native Europeans who already harbor a racist, violent, and hostile sentiment towards immigrants in general, and Muslims in particular. And these groups are moving steadily towards assuming power in most European countries. In the final analysis, there are many ways and means for these extremists to harass and tame immigrants. Only then will these demagogues barbarians realize the serious consequences of their bullying of natives and violation of their values, customs and traditions, ones that made them superior to the countries from which these immigrants fled.

It is appropriate here that I share a story I heard from some Arabs living in the Netherlands. There was a demonstration taking place in Amsterdam denouncing France and President Macron’s stance. The Dutch riot control forces surrounding the demonstrators announced through loudspeakers that anyone insisting on inciting riot and upheaval will be denied Dutch citizenship. And, sure enough, the demonstrators dispersed within minutes and only ten people were left. This proves that the grip on these people should never be loosened, when they felt a firm response was coming, they fled right away.

The issue European countries are facing with immigrants stems from their humane treatment of said immigrants. The Europeans do not know that wild beasts must be tamed first before they understand the value of freedom. Security should always have higher priority over humanitarian considerations.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Saudi newspaper al-Jazirah.

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