On vagrant Saudi dissidents

Mohammed Al Shaikh
Mohammed Al Shaikh
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Many causes lead to the downfall of states, the most important of which is recession. Empirically speaking, the conflicts, insecurity, and instability that cause states to collapse are also caused by recession.

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Vagrant Saudi dissidents, who cower outside the Kingdom, constantly call on citizens to rebel and revolt, but in vain. Some of them mistakenly think that they can copy the Khomeini revolution by using religion to serve their political goals. However, their attempts to instigate Saudi people have amounted to nothing. The Kingdom is a strong and ancient country. It was founded before the US. It is not a new country lacking a past and history.

Its rulers did not come to power riding the backs of tanks after a coup d’état. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is characterized by a stable and ever-growing economy. For these objective reasons, the Kingdom has remained strong in the face of upheaval. Even the storms of the so-called Arab Spring have passed the country by without impacting its security and stability.

Muslim worshippers perform noon prayer at the Prophet Mohammed's mosque in Saudi Arabia's holy city of Medina. (File photo: AFP)
Muslim worshippers perform noon prayer at the Prophet Mohammed's mosque in Saudi Arabia's holy city of Medina. (File photo: AFP)

Had the country’s economy been slowing down, stagnating, or declining, then maybe these events that made other Arab countries collapse would also have negatively impacted the Kingdom.

These objective factors simply fly over the heads of vagrant Saudi dissidents. Those among them who lived back in the era of national and leftist tides thought that they could make citizens revolt against the government for trivial reasons and slogans. However, they failed miserably, and they have returned to the country empty-handed.

The politicized so-called Muslims, who make up the majority of these dissidents, have been committing the same mistakes as left-wing nationalists, and adopting their same ideas disguised with Islamist revolutionary slogans.

They truly believed that using Islam would incite citizens to revolt, rebel, and take to the streets to protest.

Strangely enough, these new dissidents learned nothing from their nationalist and Islamist predecessors, such as al-Massari and al-Faqih. They never asked themselves why they failed — they simply kept taking the same paths and making the same foolish mistakes. I have no doubt that they will also get the same results as their predecessors.

Some dissidents even believe that supporting some Western countries and human rights businesses obviates objective reasons for achieving their ambitions. This is pure and utter stupidity and mere wishful thinking.

Western countries are only concerned about their own interests. They may use these dissidents to put pressure on the Kingdom to achieve their own interests, but they quickly disregard them as soon as even a small proportion of their goals is met, or when the winds of change in the region and the world go contrary to their expectations.

The Kingdom opened up, granted civil rights to Saudi women, and curbed the Sahwa Movement that created terrorism and terrorists.

A Saudi woman practices driving in Riyadh, on April 29, 2018. (AFP)
A Saudi woman practices driving in Riyadh, on April 29, 2018. (AFP)

As a result, the reasons that made the dissidents believe that many Western countries embraced their dissident rhetoric were no longer valid. These dissidents lost all forms and sources of support for their demands, except from Qatar, which is now using them to lift the boycott and nothing more.

Therefore, I reiterate that as long as economic prosperity, security, and stability prevail in the Kingdom, none of these dissidents will succeed.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Saudi Arabian outlet al-Jazirah.

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