Possessing nuclear weapons is the only way

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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If it were not for President Trump’s position, Iran would have been within a whisker of possessing nuclear weapons, and the region would have been under a real nuclear threat by an ideological state whose primary concern is to expand in the region and threaten neighboring Arab countries one after the other.

President Trump crippled the Iranians by deeply hitting their economy, but he could not bring down their malicious satanic regime. Now, President-elect Biden is planning to return to Obama’s flawed deal with Iran and expand it, but whatever procedural controls will be in place, he will not be able to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

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North Korea, which is less wealthy than Iran, managed to become a nuclear state in the teeth of Americans and Europeans, and a public threat to the USA.

Whether the Americans like it or not, Iran will go down the same path and I am certain that they will reach the same horrific end.

His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman told an American news channel that we are not trying to possess an atomic bomb now, but if Iran acquires such a weapon, we would immediately get one too.

His Highness is right, as horror must be faced with horror. For example, Pakistan could only protect its national security against India, its traditional enemy, when it acquired nuclear weapons, thus reining in its enemy’s advantage over it.

This happened even though India is a responsible democracy, not a theocratic state stuck in the deepest pits of history and under the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist. As everybody knows, Iran is not focused on ensuring the welfare and progress of its people.

Instead, it is engrossed in controlling neighboring countries and imposing Shi’ism with the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist.

It does not look like that there is a significant Iranian revolutionary movement that would bring down this malicious clerical regime.

For four decades, Iran has been ruled by the mullahs with a fist of steel, and all its efforts go to implementing its political agenda of exporting revolution as recommended by its founder Khomeini. It does not seem to me that that the superpowers care enough about Iran’s nuclear disarmament, or else they can bring down this malignant cancerous regime if they wanted.

In principle, I am a peace advocate and I abhor the nuclear arms race. However, the reality of our region today requires that we, too, possess nuclear weapons out of necessity. Let’s bite the bullet and face the Iranian nuclear threat!

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Saudi Arabian outlet al-Jazirah.

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