Iran following in the footsteps of North Korea

Khalid Bin Hamad al-Malik
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The only interpretation I can give to the US hesitation in dealing with the Iranian nuclear program, and the helplessness exhibited by the US in the face of Iranian intransigence, is that the difference in policies between the Republican and Democratic parties is still dominating the country’s relationship with Iran. Thus, the American President’s positions are consistent with the dictates of his party.

Iran’s deeds match its words, using the worst expressions when talking about Washington; it usually describes US as the “Great Satan” and never misses the chance to attack US interests, whether by striking its forces deployed in the region or harming the US in any way possible in any spot around the globe. The Iranian actions against the American forces in Iraq bear proof of this.


Given the status of the US-Iranian relations, with all the contradictions and constant tension between the two sides, how can America, under President Biden, let its position when dealing with the Iranian regime be any less firm than it was during Trump’s era? Washington knows that Tehran is not reliable, cannot be trusted, will never abide by its commitments under any agreement, and will break its vows very easily. The US is also aware that the criminal mullahs’ regime uses the strategy of never communicating its real intentions.

Only force, determination and deterrence can stop Iran from practicing and supporting terrorism, prevent its blatant interference in other state’s internal affairs, and rein in its widespread hostile behaviors. This is the only way to preserve the security and stability of other states and nations and protect them from Iranian terrorism and from any actions leading to more tension due to the foolishness of the authoritarian Iranian regime.

Syria's air defenses intercepted and destroyed rockets launched by Israel from the direction of the Lebanon and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights towards Damascus. (SANA)
Syria's air defenses intercepted and destroyed rockets launched by Israel from the direction of the Lebanon and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights towards Damascus. (SANA)

The evidence that only force can stop Iran is its extreme caution in responding to any of the Israeli strikes that targeted its interests, whether in Iraq, Syria, or even in the Iranian depth and at sea. This is despite the resulting heavy losses and the immediate public statements of the Israeli PM that his country stands behind hitting Iranian interests.

The flexible position of the US towards Iran has no other explanation than the one I previously stated. America’s hesitation, and its seeking to appease Iran, turning a blind eye to its foolishness, and trying to persuade it to be part of the civilized world and join peace-loving countries, all go unheeded as Tehran practices stubbornness and insists on being a harmful state with an expansionary project in the region, and imposing the Shia ideology within the poor and ideologized communities in the world to support its abhorrent program.

After all, any decision to lift all or part of the American sanctions could not be more wrong. Such a decision would benefit both nuclear and non-nuclear Iranian projects and embolden arrogant Tehran to go even further in its wicked actions by enriching uranium at higher levels, enabling it to produce an atomic bomb one day, treading the same path of North Korea. If that happens, it will be impossible to preserve security, peace, and stability in our region and in the world.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Saudi Arabian outlet al-Jazirah.

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