Saudi Arabia on Path of Development

Yousef al-Goblan
Yousef al-Goblan
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Thanks to its faithful leadership, Saudi Arabia has chosen the path of knowledge, education, and modern management in order to achieve well-defined goals. That is why it was not satisfied by success, but has also achieved excellence in a unique experiment worthy of scientific study.

The Kingdom behaves according to firm principles, on which it draws its strategies across the board and govern its international relations and humanitarian stances. Security, development, peace, humanitarian support, and non-intervention in the affairs of other states are all consistent objectives of Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom has an exemplary track record in both domestic and international developmental issues. This record is not confined to eloquent rhetoric or fiery speeches but is manifest by documented practical achievements and known facts.

The Kingdom has invested its material and human potential via education and has chosen the path of peace, building, development, and the future.

The Kingdom pursued a policy of continuous development, internal development involving all developmental pathways, alongside the development of international relations based on mutual respect and common interests. It has no hostile policy nor foreign ambitions, but it stands up to defend its security and sovereignty if compromised.

Guided by this trailblazing outlook and political approach, Saudi Arabia has accomplished unprecedented achievements and become a developed country--with all the elements of a modern state--capable of adapting to shifting economic, political, and technical variables.

That is what happened and what reality is testament to, not mere rhetoric.

The road of education, building, and development was a strategic choice en route to investing in human beings as an end and a means. Accordingly, Saudi Arabia launched programs and projects on multiple tracks. Consequently, Saudi Arabia possesses national cadres in different fields, some of which were once brushed off as simply unrealistic. Thanks to determination and sensible management, these far-too-optimistic wishes and aspirations have become a reality and a source of pride for Saudis.

The government has invested its financial resources and allocated huge budgets that align with the Kingdom’s standing, developmental plans, needs, aspirations, and future in terms of development.

The Kingdom did not stop at internal development but has extended the hand of building and economic and humanitarian assistance beyond its borders to aid its Arab and Islamic neighbors and the world at large.

In terms of development, Saudi Arabia does not concern itself with detractors who undermine its stances out of partisan convictions. The Kingdom's consistent positions on Arab, Islamic and humanitarian issues are unaffected by those vulnerable to deceitful slogans while bitterly looking on as others showcase their achievements.

The Kingdom undertakes religious, political, economic, and humanitarian responsibilities, occupies an influential international standing, and has no time to waste in unhelpful bickering. Saudi Arabia responds to sloganeers by rolling out more achievements. It works quietly and does not waste its time in high-pitched arguments.

The Kingdom's voice manifests through genuine accomplishments, labor, and commendable advancement in different sectors; the Kingdom’s voice is manifest by its clear practical record, whether in terms of domestic development or its external efforts to uphold security, peace, and humanitarian services.

In terms of development, the Kingdom leaps above hurdles not to compete with others but to compete with itself. It sets highly ambitious goals and works hard to achieve them. In terms of success, some have failed and find the most convenient way to justify their failure is to broadcast lies, rumors, slogans, and undermine those who are successful. They go to great lengths in this direction--to the point of exposing and scandalizing themselves. They divide, fight, put their loyalties up for grabs, hijack, assassinate, and contradict. When they fail—to which they are addicted—the handy justification is to take down Saudi Arabia in the absence of an independent decision and in the absence of an honest, professional media that seeks the truth.

Under its loyal leadership, Saudi Arabia has chosen the path of wisdom, education, and modern management towards the achievement of clear-cut goals. That is why it has not only achieved success but has achieved excellence in an outstanding example deserving of equitable scientific study that considers the relevant facts, figures, and achievements on the ground. How was the Kingdom once, and how did it evolve? This question should be answered by neutral specialists, not by sloganeers and overzealous deceptive orators who are severed from reality.

This article was originally published and translated from Saudi daily al-Riyadh.

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