Egypt: The right to life

Karam Gabr

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Egypt has been the very first world country that warned against incubating terrorism, repeatedly reiterating that the magician who summons the Jinni from the lamp will not always be able to return it to the lamp. Events and experiences have proven the accuracy of Egypt’s vision, showing that the countries which gave incubation space for terrorism have paid the price for it as well.

We wish the US to understand the needs of the regional peoples. We wish US President Joe Biden to reopen closed bridges and to seriously desire to save the peoples of the region from the wretchedness of religious and civil wars and help them regain stability and security. We wish the US to hoist slogans of freedom and justice, to present a flawless example of democracy to the world, and to protect the nations instead of destroying them. We do not wish to see the US losing its credibility due to its aggressive stance towards states and nations.

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We wish the US to revive the dream of establishing a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, to resurrect the peace process which has been lying in the morgue for long years. The entire region will never gain stability and calm if peace was not achieved.

We do not wish to see the US using its force against the will of the peoples, or to support particular personalities, associations, or errant political groupings, thereby spoiling them, poisoning their connections with their own homelands, and turning them into tools of deconstruction – rather than construction, and a pain in the neck instead of a source of support and help.

The issue of human rights should never be used as a political pressure tool, nor to be correlated with particular stipulations, especially as both Egypt and the US have a 40-year strategic relationship which is based on firm ground and common interests. This relationship achieves the interests of both Washington and Cairo, and it is the result of efforts exerted by leaders from both countries during the days of closeness and US patronage of Egyptian-Israeli peace.

It does not annoy Egypt if the US is aspiring to see more freedoms and human rights achieved and respected, since this is also what Egypt is aiming at, as human rights are common principles with massive approval. Egypt is primarily concerned with the issue of human rights, and it seeks to achieve all reforms related to that file. However, Egypt adds to it the right to life.

Being a noble and just objective, human rights cannot be achieved through forged reports. However, beside political rights and liberties, there are the rights of peoples to a dignified life with proper housing, clothing, food, health, education, and a life of quality.

As a matter of fact, Egypt has been achieving a calm combination between stability and development. Chaos will not feed hungry mouths, and achieving stability needs a strong country that is able to safeguard its interests and protect its people.

Hence, we do not wish to see a US that is picking detrimental sides from the peoples, befriending them, providing them with funds and support, and using pressure tools against the regional governments under the pretext of human rights.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Egyptian news outlet Akhbar al-Yawm.

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