Blinken’s verbal missiles

Mashari Althaydi
Mashari Althaydi
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Sometimes you wonder whether you’re the only one who sees things for what they really are, but then this doubt disappears when you see that others also understand the reality of things. This is how I felt while reading the vitriolic editorial of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on the US administration’s political absurdity in dealing with the terrorism of the Houthis in Yemen and their attacks on civilian sites and human settlements in Saudi Arabia.

When we talk about Houthi ballistic missiles and bomb-laden drone attacks, we surely mean Iran, for the Houthi group is only the façade of its master, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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One of the most dangerous Iranian/Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia was the recent launch of ballistic missiles on the Saudi south and the city of Dammam in the Eastern Region. The latter is the most dangerous, if one were to wonder about the source of the missile that targeted the far east of Saudi Arabia!

What did Biden’s administration do about it?

Nothing. Pardon me - it issued a series of denunciations, while also pressuring its Saudi “ally” on other matters. How is that possible?

These are not our words, but those of the long-standing WSJ, which I will quote, verbatim: “This is getting to be a habit, and an embarrassing one. An adversary courted by the Biden Administration ignores U.S. pleas and continues waging war against an ally, and the Biden State Department issues a stern lecture in a press release.” WSJ adds: “In late August, Houthi drones struck a civilian airport in Abha in Saudi Arabia, wounding eight civilians and damaging a commercial airliner. The State Department strongly condemned the attack, adding that ‘we again call on the Houthis to uphold a cease-fire.’”

A mere few days later, the militia launched missiles on the Kingdom’s Eastern Region, injuring two children and damaging homes. As usual, US State Secretary Antony Blinken graced us with more statements calling on the Houthis to work toward a political solution and stop launching drones and missiles.

With a nearly mocking tone, the paper asks: “The Houthis ‘must’ negotiate a peaceful solution, or what? Mr. Blinken will issue another press release?”, noting that “the US State Department says the Houthis have attacked Saudi Arabia more than 240 times since the beginning of this year.”

The editorial concludes with a sad but funny observation: “The liberal internationalists who run the State Department seem to believe that asserting a demand for a diplomatic solution will make it happen!”

But the truth that the liberals of the State Department do not want to see is that “as with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Houthis and their Iranian backers believe they can win the war without negotiating, as they see the U.S. retreat and abandon its allies,” according to WSJ, which adds: “All of Antony Blinken’s protests won’t stop a missile in mid-flight.”

As I said in the beginning, the truth is the truth, even if you sometimes seem like you’re the only one who sees it.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, the pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat.

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