The necessity of Islamists’ migration to Afghanistan

Mohammed Nahid al-Quaiz
Mohammed Nahid al-Quaiz
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We firmly think that we live in Islamic communities and practice our religion in full freedom, meanwhile believing in diversity and freedom of belief which the Almighty has guaranteed to his creatures, as stated in the Quranic verse: “Say; “O you men! Now truth has reached you from your lord! Those who receive guidance do so for the good of their own souls; those who stray do so for their own loss: and I am not set over you to arrange your affairs” [Surah of Jonah; verse 108]. However, the rhetoric of political Islam has constantly reiterated the stigmatization of modern Arab societies as being ‘heretic,’ which drives the followers of such rhetoric to hold their own communities for being infidel, even if their literature did not explicitly describe them as such, and to advocate that attitude.

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Through their publications, TV channels, and websites, these Islamists managed with their toxic rhetoric to incite some youth of our region against their own governments and peoples, leading some to join terrorist groups that kill and wreak havoc under the pretext of jihad and the implementation of God’s Islamic jurisprudence. This pretext of theirs has reached an unprecedented level of disillusion, as they prioritize fighting Arab regimes over against the occupier.

Meanwhile, some others fled to Turkey or the west, the same countries they used to label as ‘infidel,’ and continued there to conspire against and attack their own countries. They made a pact with the devil against their homelands, deluding and inciting people while claiming that it was all for the cause of God, and that their objective was to establish what they envision to be the state of genuine Islam. They advocated the mediaeval concept of an Islamic caliphate as a substitute for current Arab regimes, sometimes rendering the perished al-Baghdadi as the Caliph, and other times bestowing the title on someone else.

A lot of them flocked to Turkey, either individually or in groups, where they crowned Erdogan as the true Caliph, praising his wisdom, exerting their best efforts to support the Turkish economy, and advocating for their Turkish sultan through their opportunistic media figures.

Others lie in wait, claiming that God is testing their faith by hard times throughout which they should prove patient, anticipating the right moment to impose their dominance and strict religious interpretation over the community, as if they were the direct agents that God sent to His creatures. In earlier times, they used to smear anyone who opposed them with licentiousness, but now, they have resorted to silence, more as a survival tactic than out of loyalty. We have already witnessed some of their testimonies in court trials, which revealed their hypocrisy to everyone and how they disavowed their affiliates in this world and the one hereafter and accused them of heresy.

We are grateful to God that all these societal segments have turned out to be a minority whose clandestine nature, hypocrisy, and deceptiveness are unraveling.

These same segments cheered the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, considering it an Islamic victory and a strengthening of God’s adherents in His land. Since this is their vision and understanding of events, they must migrate to Afghanistan, which they represent an Islamic state in their eyes.

Such a migration should serve as the ultimate test to the credibility and claims of those advocates of political Islam and their hordes. Either they migrate to settle down among their peers in Afghanistan with whom they share identical views, thereby proving to us that they were genuinely seeking to achieve their proclaimed objectives and grabbing their golden chance to do so; or they abstain from moving away from the countries to which they frequently attributed all kinds of terrible qualities and prefer to stay there, far from their aspired state that saw the light in Afghanistan.

As a matter of fact, this potential migration was not their first test of this kind. Somalia has been a safe haven for their likes for decades, being a country filled with takfiri gunmen who hold others infidels, such as the groups of Shabab al Jihad, Al-Shabibah, and the Islamic Party. So, why did our fundamentalists abstain from migrating there in the first place?

One might provide the excuse of the ongoing conflict between Somali factions. I would say that such a conflict represents the future of all Islamist movements, since they are all driven by a deluded ideology. Even if the Islamic arena gave full space to a single Islamist movement, its fate will be disintegration into warring factions that will fight each other and hold each other for heretics.

The Islamists have only two choices after Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan; either they migrate there, or they categorically abandon all their calls for a caliphate, jihad, and an Islamic state.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Saudi newspaper Okaz.

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