What do they want from Saudi Arabia?

Fayez al-Shehri
Fayez al-Shehri
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Today we can say that the collective consciousness of the current Saudi generation has ripened so that it has become capable of distinguishing friends from foes, especially after each side’s affiliation has become clear, all sealed files have been disclosed, and all hidden stories have been unveiled in sight and sound - as we live in the age of information. For sure, over two decades the Saudis have had all the near and remote masks around them removed. We should be grateful to hard times, as they helped reveal to the Saudi people and their leaderships all the names of their rivals, enemies, and stupid friends.

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Those who used to visit Riyadh in the name of neighborliness and close relations to plea for a reconciliation, mediation, financial or political support now have their real intentions exposed through their actions and what the digital age has revealed. We saw the agents of chaos who plead to us to let their shameful bygones be bygones while beseeching reconciliation and pardon. However, after we gracefully granted them reconciliation and pardon, they continued to incite controversy and political wrangling in their media, and to stir up their affiliates here and there.

Similarly, in the near and far past we have recognized those who used to exploit the causes of public freedoms and women’s rights in our country. However, when these rights were generously provided, they did not stop and rather moved to wrongfully attacking the Kingdom’s handling of these issues in the worst manner, and even daring to bring up issues such as the LGTB rights, the right to atheism, along with other files that have been planned for by devils disguised in human flesh in their dark cellars.

As for our economy and finances, the reports made by our rivals were stressing nothing but the lack of economic diversification projects and the claim of shortsightedness. However, as the Kingdom launched its major projects, future initiatives, diversification of income sources, and establishment of economic alliances they started to cast doubt and show skepticism towards any step taken by our country. The same applies for our stability and security, where they used to portray us as a reluctant and lenient side, but once we hit all the evildoers with an iron fest, they invoked the drama of human rights and the mercenary of politicized freedom organizations, resulting in having those who incite terrorism and support it emerge out of their clandestine hideouts, publicly advocating their alleged messages of peace and tolerance via their tools.

Historically, the Saudis managed to achieve the first Arab unity, but it was reacted to with enmity by Arab nationalists. Later, the Saudis consecrated the founding principles of Islamic solidarity, but those of our neighbors who acted stupidly, in collaboration with evil remote sides, incited parties and groupings against it. When Saudi Arabia supported charity projects across the entire globe, it was accused of attempting to achieve ideological expansion. However, once it reconsidered its position, the others accused it of relinquishing its role. Moving to our own region, the Saudis, in absolute and unconditional generosity and altruism, have always supported the Arab and Muslim causes. However, Saudi Arabia is being mistrusted by its close and brotherly countries in its religious affiliation, conscience, and intentions.

To sum up, the question that occurs to the mind of any Saudi citizen is simply this: what is it that they want from Saudi Arabia? At any rate, the answer is no secret, and the Saudis are all aware of it, and they are forming their social contract and acting based on that answer.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Saudi newspaper al-Riyadh.

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