The UK and the terrorist Hamas movement

Abdullah bin Bijad al-Otaibi
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The UK move to designate the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Hamas movement as a terrorist organization is a significant, albeit late and deficient, decision. Be it the religious ideology, the political movement, or the organization itself, the movement is terrorist by all measures. Its terrorism is aimed first and foremost at Palestinians in Gaza, whom they rule with an iron fist and an arsenal of arms; then at Arab states, whose security and stability Hamas undermines by allying with regional states that seek to implement extremist, expansionist projects.

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Does labeling Hamas a terrorist organization mean the Palestinian cause is synonymous with terrorism? Absolutely not. The Palestinian cause is a just cause that enjoys the support of all the Arab states that Hamas antagonizes. Egypt, for one, constantly sees its security and stability challenged by Hamas, which smuggles arms to the country, raids its prisons, and engages in many other aggressive acts.

In the words of its leaders, Hamas does not recognize the Palestinian state or its borders; instead, it considers itself an international organization. The obsequiousness of some of its ideologized leaders at the expense of the safety and security of Arab peoples is but one indicator of this direction.

The UK decision is belated, as Hamas’ terrorism and crimes are not a novelty. It is also deficient, in the sense that it should have included all Muslim Brotherhood branches, not just the Palestinian one. However, the UK does not want to confront the Muslim Brotherhood and other political Islam groups after decades of investing therein. Britain was the number one financial backbone for the group’s founder, Hassan al-Banna, whom it provided with 500 pounds to help establish the organization in its early days.

Britain’s relation to the Muslim Brotherhood continues to this day, as does its support for the group. Safe havens, investments, and supporting entities are only some of the many aspects of this relation and the UK’s long-term investment in political Islam. Britain is still the base from which the Egyptian Brotherhood leader Ibrahim Mounir runs his battles with the Istanbul-based group of Mahmoud Hussein.

The Muslim Brotherhood and other political Islam groups exemplify “treason,” “betrayal,” and “fifth columns,” for they work with Western states to target Arab states. The so-called Arab Spring is a clear example of the Group’s staple treason and betrayal, all in the name of “religion,” “Islam,” and other religious concepts that the Brotherhood employs as a red herring.

Moreover, the Brotherhood Group is actively involved in the regional projects of some non-Arab states which seek to topple Arab states and enslave, kill, and exterminate their peoples. And through it all, the Group has been providing key services to these hostile endeavors.

These groups and their symbols and members have embraced treason as a modus operandi. What’s more, they have an integrated moral-political-religious system to justify it. Any researcher monitoring Western “human rights” groups, “think tanks” and “media institutions” targeting Arab states will inevitably find among their teams people with organizational or ideological affiliation with political Islam groups, who condone attacks against their own states, leaders, and peoples, always under the guise of “defending” them.

Western investment in political Islam groups has brought many historical Nakbas on Islamic and Arab states. Examples abound of leaders returning from their Western exiles to rule their country when they succeeded, and stirring chaos and terrorism therein when they failed.

Hiding behind “slogans,” “one-upmanship,” and “principles” may have saved the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam groups and leaders from accountability. But the “fairness” of any cause does not warrant betrayal, nor does the “nobility” of any principle warrant its exploitation as a destruction tool and a cover for “treason”. Yet, some people seemingly cannot distinguish or judge on facts, even if they crystallize before their own two eyes.

This article was originally published in, and translated from, Emirati news outlet Al-Ittihad.

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