Saad Khalaf is inspired by the colors of the Arab world

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Iraqi artist Saad Khalaf
Iraqi artist Saad Khalaf
The artist thinks of himself as a product of the 1970’s, an era that “was blessed with culture, art and creativity, (and) was very fundamental in shaping our lives,” he said.

Khalaf displays a deep appreciation for nature in his work, claiming that “when you live in a county like the UK, you miss the sunshine. Clouds and the color grey are always dominating the scenery.”

He deems the Middle East to be far more visually inspiring, “for people in the East… our visual memory is colorful.”

Khalaf’s artistic creations are accordingly vibrant; autumn’s yellows and the sky’s blues are portrayed with clarity and an artistic flair distinct to his work.
The fruits of his knowledge, academic achievements and Khalaf’s maturity are reflected in his artistic creations.

The desire to experiment and create is fueled by his insatiable ambition to reach higher and higher.

His stated goal is to promote the world of art in Iraq, “I have a dream, a big dream to establish a fabulous art gallery in my country,” he said.

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