Parents of triplets killed in Qatar mall blaze undergo IVF call for justice

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Martin and Jane Weekes, parents of triplets killed in a mall fire tragedy in Qatar, are currently undergoing an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to have new additions to their family, the Arabian Business reported on Friday.

An IFV treatment is a process wherein a sperm and an egg cell are combined in a laboratory dish to produce an embryo which is then planted into the mother’s uterus.

The family’s two-year old triplets Lillie, Jackson and Willsher Weekes were among the 13 children in a total count of 19 victims claimed in the Villaggio Mall blaze on May 28.

“The decision for us to have another family has come after very careful thought from Jane and I,” Martin Wekes said in a TV interview.

Call for justice

The couple, who are both from New Zealand, recently released a statement along with the other parents of the mall blaze victims, asking for the Qatari government to begin the trial.

“It has been five long months since our children and many other loved ones died in a needless fire at Villagio. An avoidable tragedy that shouldn’t have happened…” read the statement as cited by the media sources in New Zealand.

On Tuesday, the trial was postponed for the third time after Gympanzee nursery owner Iman ak-Kuwari and her husband failed to show up.

“This is made worse by one defendant, who we once trusted with the lives of our children and some once considered a friend, is still to appear at court. Does she not have any humanity?” the statement read.

The statement further added woes of the other killed children’s family saying that they have been disrespected by Qatari defendants and have led them questioning the “legitimacy of the system”.

“If we can’t get answers from the courts we will continue to fight every day to get the answers we deserve, and the answers you and the world need to know so our children did not die in vain,” concluded the statement.

Syrian Leaks: Villagio blaze

In October, Al Arabiya released some confidential files entitled ‘Syrian Leaks’ based on official documents obtained from Syrian opposition sources.

The leaked documents claim that the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad has set the blaze on Doha’s Villagio mall to “embarrass” Qatar for supporting the Free Syrian Army.

A document dated in June sent by the head of the president’s Special Security force, Syrian Major General Dhu al-Himma Shaleesh, to President Assad claimed the “success” of an operation he called “Villagio Blaze”.