Fashion week kicks off in Amman

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For the second time this year, Amman hosts the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which takes place between November 7 and 10.

Rome-based Palestinian designer Jamal Taslaq was one of those who showcased his collection on opening night.

“My collection tonight was inspired by the colors of nature, or specifically the colors of the Mediterranean sea. I wanted to infuse several elements into my designs, including embroidery, natural leather and silk materials. My designs were simple, yet unique, and the dresses highlight femininity and elegance,” he said.

Taslaq’s success started with his inaugural Rome High Fashion Show in the year 2000, and he has been participating in events around the world ever since.

He credits the popularity of his designs to his ability to combine the sophistication of the Arab woman, with the practicality of the western woman.

“Designs always depend on cultures. In the Arab world, women, even if they’re in their homes, dress in sophisticated and elegant clothes - she dresses for herself. The European or western woman only dresses up if she is going out. That is the difference between the two women. European designers and many famous designers get inspired by our eastern culture,” he said.

Taslaq believes that designers in the Arab world are now getting the chance to compete, not only on the regional level but on the international level, and he says technology and the internet played a big part in this development. Events like this, he says, are also important in encouraging designers and giving them exposure.

Organizers of the event say they believe they should extend their platform to include up-and-coming Jordanian designers, which is why they invited students of the Garment Design Training Services Centre (GSC) to participate in the event. For some of the student designers, this was the first fashion show they have participated in.

The event will take place in Amman twice a year to coincide with the spring/summer and fall/winter fashion seasons.

The four-day event is organized by automobile maker Mercedes Benz. It features exhibitions of clothes and jewelry by Arab and international designers.

The Munich-based company also organizes fashion shows in major cities including New York, Paris, Milan and Sydney.