Family filled fun found in Abu Dhabi and al-Ain

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On a trip to the United Arab Emirate capital of Abu Dhabi and the city of al-Ain, Al Arabiya joined a Saudi family headed off to visit several tourist sites and get acquainted with the charms of the cities.

The family got a bird’s eye view of Abu Dhabi’s most important tourist attractions starting from Ferrari World through Yas Marina Circuit to the esplanade.

There was also a religious side to the trip when the family visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an architectural masterpiece and the fourth biggest mosque in the world after the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the Medina Mosque, both in Saudi Arabia, and Hassan II Mosque in Morocco.

A time for luxury and pleasure followed when the family visited the astounding resorts that offer the most ideal ambiance for relaxation and unwinding.

The Saudi family then visited the city of al-Ain, which boasts a number of beautiful tourist attractions like Jebel Hafeet. The mountain, which rises 1,420 meters above sea level, has a hotel on its peak.

The family also enjoyed Green Mubazarrah at the foothills of the mountain. The place is home to children’s parks and a barbecue area and is famous for its hot spring. There are also separate swimming pools for men and women so that visitors can enjoy their time while having their privacy protected.

Not very far from this area is the only marine sports center in the Middle East and which offers a variety of adventures and games for children and adults alike.

For history lovers, al-Jahili Fort is a must see. The fort contains the works of the British traveler Wilfred Thesiger who the locals called Mubarak bin London out of their love for this man who shared their daily life with all the hardships it involved. Thesiger documented his four-year trip in the Empty Quarter in the Arabian Peninsula with memorable photographs that immortalized his adventures.

The family ended its trip with a visit to al-Ain Palace Musuem, one of the most prominent cultural locations in the city and one of the most famous forts in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Restoration work in the fort managed to preserve several family rooms and administrative offices so that it all looks like how it was when the late Sheikh Zayed first lived in it in 1966.