Arab tourists warned of notorious scammers in London

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Experienced Arab tourists warned future travelers especially those who come from the richer Gulf region of scammers targeting Arabs in London.

Nasser al-Badri, a veteran Arab resident in London, told Al Arabiya that despite warnings given to Arab tourists, they still fall prey to these scams, adding that some of these scammers gained notoriety after using the same tricks over the years.

One of the well-known imposters was an Eastern European man, who pretended to be Italian selling highly-coveted brands from Italy, Badri said. But the infamous imposter sold Chinese counterfeit products.

Another scam Badri described was when a Gulf man went on targeting wealthy Gulf tourists by pretending that he needed some 30 pounds to go to the bank and cash his 10 thousand pounds check. People often help but soon discover that the man is addicted to gambling and alcohol.

Boxes containing nothing but food leftovers were also sold for hefty prices when a group of young Europeans stop their cars near Arab tourists to show them computers and modern phones such as the iPhone or the Galaxy at prices not exceeding 150 pounds.

Once they agree on the price, the scammer takes the money and gives the buyer the box having nothing but other smaller boxes, bags, newspaper pages, food leftovers or soda cans.

Another famed imposter is an Arab man, who is always very well dressed and smoking expensive cigars. The man pretends to be a wealthy individual seeking business partners for big “fake” projects.

Some scammers are also able to distinguish between Arabs who are tourists and others who are British or resident of the city.