Jealous Qatari found guilty in gay love triangle murder

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Mohammed Ahmed Almansouri, a Qatari 39-year-old man, was found guilty in Australia after fatally stabbing his boyfriend’s long-term partner in a jealous rage over their gay love triangle, an Australian newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Almansouri did not show any emotion before the Supreme Court jury on Wednesday when the Court found him guilty of murdering Texan Kenneth “Kenny” Horack, who was the partner of his boyfriend Ben Campbell for 17 years, The West newspaper reported.

Horack who was visiting Campbell bled to death after being stabbed 14 times in an apartment block in August last year.

After receiving two weeks of evidence, the jury rejected Almansouri’s claim that he was acting in self-defence after Horack allegedly stabbed him first.

When Almansouri gave his side of the story, it was revealed that Campbell and Almansouri had been in a two year relationship, he told the court that in his defence he did not have any issues with the relationship between Horack and Campbell.

However, prosecutors suspected that Almansouri became increasingly insecure about his relationship with Campbell and reached a “breaking point” when he saw photos of him and Campbell had been replaced with images of Horack and Campbell in their shared living room.

Almansouri told police after the stabbing that he “got like fire” when he had seen the photos.

Almansouri said that Horack bullied him and made him feel unworthy and claimed that on the night of the stabbing Horack was shouting at him and had been pushing him around.

Almansouri said he snatched a folding knife from his bedroom in order to frighten Horack to take down the photo but there was a struggle between the two as Almansouri claimed that he was stabbed in the buttocks by Horack first.

Almansouri will be sentenced in February.