Childrens winter line gets catwalk treatment at Amman fashion show

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The Orthodox Club in the Jordanian capital hosted a Children’s Winter Fashion show on Saturday where more than 60 children showcased an array for winter clothing.

The event’s organiser Lana Bisharat told Reuters TV the fashion show was held in the lead up to the holiday season and New Year's festivities.

“The clothes in the show include pyjamas for kids because as you know children don’t always prefer formal clothes, so we started with pyjamas, then we went into causal clothes and finally, we showcased clothes for the holidays,” Bisharat said.

The fashion show takes place twice a year to coincide with summer and winter seasons and has become popular among parents and children alike.

“Parents like for their children to participate in such events because it has a positive impact on them. It gives them confidence on stage and allows children to interact with each other and get used to being part of a large group,” Bisharat said.

“We expect children to express themselves on stage and anything they perform will be great,” she added.

Children between the ages of two-year-olds and 12 participated in the show.

Elena Bisharat was was among them.

“I’m very happy to be taking part in this event. I like this event for two things, first, I get to appear on TV, which is very nice, and secondly, I get to wear and model really nice clothes,” she said.

The event was sponsored by British clothing chain BHS, who provided the clothes, and Hamley’s toy shop, which supplied accessories.