A slice of statehood as Palestinian baker makes UN pizza

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A Palestinian baker made a special pizza in the shape and colors of the Palestinian flag on Thursday to support President Mahmoud Abbas in his bid at the UN.

“We in the restaurant we made some Arabic pastry, decorated as a Palestinian flag and written on it 194, support the President Abu Mazen at United Nations. We support him to have a member state, observer status in the United Nations,” said Nasser Abdel Hadi, the owner of the shop.

Thousands of Palestinians congregated in the center of the West Bank city of Ramallah, where public celebrations were being staged.

“For the past 60 years the Israelis committed crimes against us. They took our land, and our future. Our position in the United Nations will make us closer to a Palestinian state,” he added.

Curious onlookers inspected the new addition to Hadi’s menu.

The U.N. General Assembly is set to implicitly recognize a sovereign state of Palestine despite threats by the United States and Israel to punish the Palestinian Authority by withholding much-needed funds for the West Bank government.

A Palestinian resolution that would change the Palestinian Authority's U.N. observer status from “entity” to “non-member state,” like the Vatican, is expected to pass easily in the 193-nation U.N. General Assembly.

Israel, the United States and a handful of other members are planning to vote against what they see as a largely symbolic and counterproductive move by the Palestinians.

Abbas has been leading the campaign to win support for the resolution, and over a dozen European governments have offered him their support after an eight-day conflict this month between Israel and Islamists in the Gaza Strip, who are pledged to Israel’s destruction and oppose his efforts toward a negotiated peace.

Granting Palestinians the title of “non-member observer state” falls short of full U.N. membership - something the Palestinians failed to achieve last year. But it would allow them access to the International Criminal Court and some other international bodies, should they choose to join them.
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