Breaking down the Abaya New design line hits UAE

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An Emirati designer has created a new brand to hit the United Arab Emirates, taking the traditional one-piece abaya – a common Muslim female dress in the Gulf – and breaking it in two.

Badreya Faisal, who has recently started up her fashion line BLEACH (www.bleach.ae), plays on the typical black-colored abaya, recreating bolder borders for women who want to experiment with cutting-edge styles, whether it is a two-piece or full abaya; it is fashion forward.

“Having spent years living in the UK, Italy and Spain broadening her skills in all genres of art dear to her, her designs have ever since been noted for their minimalist, eccentric and innovative style,” according to BLEACH Biograghpy

She spoke to Al Arabiya English on her latest collection.

Q: What made you want to be a designer?

Badreya Faisal: A few years ago, I decided that I simply wanted to wear clothes that were made for me, that complement my taste as well as my personality. Adding to that, my need to have a constant creative outlet in my life, along with a challenge, inspired years of research and experimenting in fashion, which was an absolute thrill that I am now proud to be dedicated to professionally.

Q: Has being Emirati influenced you to stay close to your roots in your designs?

Badreya Faisal: The essence of what it means to be an Emirati woman is what I reflect in my designs or my design process: strength, ambition, creativity, elegance, intellect and femininity.

Q: What encouraged you to create two-piece abaya collections?

Badreya Faisal: Versatility, to offer women the chance to wear a two-piece purchase in part or whole, and to style it however she pleases. This concept also means that BLEACH is not limited to being an abaya label; it is also ready to wear, which is why we call it an Emirati Lifestyle Label.

Q: Does BLEACH have a charity or organization that it would like to collaborate with?

Badreya Faisal: BLEACH is already associated with the most respected charity in Dubai, to which I am so honored to be donating 10 percent of all sales. Ever since I was little, I have dreamed of giving something back in a big way, but as I got older I became distracted with life. Now, I am happy to finally be able to commit to giving to a wonderful cause.

Q: Who would be your ideal woman to dress?

Badreya Faisal: Any woman who is an example of gracefully crossing over between Middle Eastern and Western fashion with the same elegance, sophistication and individuality.