Americas Got Talent finalist to perform in UAE

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Season seven’s America’s Got Talent finalist, William Close will be performing for several nights at the Al Majaz Waterfront in the UAE’s city of Sharjah this week.

He plans to play “the Earth Harp,” described on Al Majaz’s website as “a musical instrument unlike any other, it uses the surrounding architecture and landscape to turn the environment itself into a deeply resonant harp to create a performance that draws the audience into its very center.”

The performance will take place in coordination with the ‘dancing’ Sharjah Fountain. It will feature an original track that has been created specifically for the show which will be accompanied by drums and violins.

The audience will be standing under the huge harp and will also have the ability to move around, allowing them to feel parts of the performance.

The Earth Harp which has strings that can extend up to 1000 feet in length is played using violin resin on cotton gloves and musical bows. Close will use his hands to run along the strings which will create a longitudinal compression wave. This produces similar sounds to the vibration patterns that are produced when a finger is run along the edge of a glass.

The manager of Al Majaz Waterfront told Gulf News that, “William Close’s Earth Harp performances have astonished and delighted audiences around the world and we are extremely proud to be able to offer our visitors yet another first event of its kind in the region.”

Close has created unique Earth Harp installations across the world along with the MASS Ensemble who are an internationally renowned performance group that combine the creative force of artists, musicians, composers and choreographers.

They have previously installed Earth Harps in the Grand Theatre of Shanghai and the Space Needle in Seattle.

Close’s upcoming performance in Sharjah is thought to be the first of its kind to take place in the Middle East.

The show is scheduled to take place twice an evening for three nights starting this Wednesday.