Over 45 million flowers bloom in Dubai’s ‘Miracle Garden’

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Dubai attempts to break yet another Guinness World record, this time with a recently opened garden that boasts more than 45 million flowers.

Some of the flower species have been planted for the first time in the Gulf region.

“Miracle Garden,” which opened on Valentine’s Day 2013, covers an area of 72 thousand meters squared and is studded with flowers, roses and plants that come in more than 60 colors and exotic shapes.

“People are bored of air conditioned and closed places. So we decided to make a garden that includes many flowers of around 30 species in 60 colors. The flowers are spread like a carpet or hanging like a tree,” one of the garden’s managers told Al Arabiya.

The garden’s centerpiece “flower pyramid,” that reaches up to 10 meters on top of a 144 meter square base, has qualified to enter the Guinness record book. Also entering the records is the three-meter “flowers wall,” that surrounds the 800 meter-long garden.

Visitors from the other Arab states admired the unique garden.

“I am a tourist from Jordan, and this is my first time visiting the garden. I was surprised to see an Arab country that has such colorful scenery and such floral designs,” said one.

Another visitor from Egypt hailed the not so conventional flower designs of the garden.

“In Arab countries, we don’t have designs like that. We only do landscapes and no hanging flowers.”

The garden also pays tribute to the history of the UAE. It showcases a big picture of the Gulf country’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al-Nahyan.

The garden also displays seven heart-shaped chunks of flowers which represent the country’s seven emirates.

A second phase of development, that is expected to finish in October, will include a “butterfly garden,” games corner for children and some retail shops as well as restaurants.

Visitors can enter the park from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. during weekdays, but on weekends, spectators can enjoy a prolonged stay until 12 a.m.