‘Hush girls, don’t scream’: Iranian film director tackles pedophilia

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A leading female director in Iran is not afraid of tackling difficult issues on the big screen.

Pouran Derakhshandeh’s latest movie ‘ Hush, Girls don’t scream’ won Best Film at the Fajr International Film Festival.

The story tackles the controversial subject of pedophilia.

Derkhshandeh has been producing movies over the past four decades. Born in Kermanshah in western Iran in 1951, Derkhshandeh is challenging the role of woman through the cinema lens.

She has made 12 feature-length films, and dozens of documentaries.

Derkhshandeh says movies made by women for women address issues that matter to women.

“Women have as much problems as a filmmaker that men have. This is a common issue, and it is there all over the world. I think in Iran at least there’s ground for women to make films and this is a very good chance to address their own issues.”

“In looking at women, we should pay attention to their position, to their presence, not to their gender. A woman is not a tool, she is a human being with an elevated attitude.” she continues.

She says that men and women are equal: “In my opinion, sexuality is meaningless. God has created all human beings equal. He hasn’t created anything as a feminine way of thought or masculine way of thought. God has established wisdom inside human beings, and it is this elevated and human thought that matters. Therefore, I don’t believe in such separation between man and women. I mostly value human beings and their dignity.”

Movie going is popular in Iran, especially during the holiday of Nowruz, which begins on March 20. Families often take a trip to the cinema during this festive season to watch fun family friendly movies.

Her latest film, “Hush! Girls don’t scream” deals with the controversial theme of pedophilia.

The film is likely to be released ahead of Ramadan in July.
Derkhshandeh’s feature length films are: Mute Contact (1986), A Little Bird of Happiness (1987), Passing through the Dust (1988), Lost Time (1989), A Love without Frontier (1998), Candle in the Wind (2003), Wet Dream (2005) , Eternal Children (2006) Twenty (20) Produced by Pouran Derakhshandeh (2009), Endless Dream (2010), Professorial (2010, and the latest one “Hush! Girls don’t scream”.