First movie ‘produced’ by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood under attack

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An Egyptian movie produced by a company linked to the Muslim Brotherhood came under attack by critics this week because it was not submitted to the censorship bureau.

The movie “Al Taqreer” (The Report) is directed by Ezzeddine Douiader and is the first movie theater for the production house “Renaissance Cinema” linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The country’s Actors’ Syndicate has banned the movie from being released in cinemas.

Douiader said that the movie’s crew was verbally attacked by critics who are against releasing the movie in any cinema and was threatened of taking the matter to court under the excuse that the movie was not submitted to the censorship bureau.

The movie was scheduled to be released within days.

During a press conference, Douiader defended not submitting the movie to the censorship bureau, saying “hundreds of short and long independent movies have not passed through the bureau yet they were still released (in cinemas).”

Douiader added that the movie did not aim to make profit.

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