A Royal mistake? Queen confused for UK’s late PM Thatcher

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A Taiwanese television has apologized for airing footage of Queen Elizabeth II as they announced the news of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s death.

While CTI Cable’s headline “Margaret Thatcher Dies Of Stroke” was correct, the footage rolling with it of the Queen Elizabeth was wrong.

CTI Cable learned of its TV blooper after it received complaints from its viewership, it then apologized for its error.

It is not the only channel that has reportedly mistaken Britain’s late ‘Iron Lady’ for another woman.

Thailand’s Channel 5 also offered up an apology after showing pictures of actress Meryl Streep on air, as Britain’s first female prime minister.

The Hollywood star played Thatcher in the 2011 blockbuster film “The Iron Lady.”

“We will improve and develop our work more carefully and are deeply sorry,” the Daily Mail newspaper quoted Channel 5 production team’s statement on Facebook later on Monday.

Thatcher at the age of 87 was pronounced dead on Monday after suffering a stroke at the Ritz Hotel in London.

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