Twitter reacts to Egypt’s opening of first alcohol-free hotel in Hurghada

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Egyptian tweeps on Sunday reacted to their country’s opening of the first alcohol-free inn, Le Roi Hotel, in the Red Sea area of Hurghada, a major tourist hub.

“What is this commotion about a hotel without alcohol in Hurghada, what is worrying them [Islamists] is alcohol only? What happened to [sexual] harassments? Or those who accuse others of being blasphemous for not following their way? You have no other problems?” ‏@noranor posted in Arabic on Twitter.

“A hotel without alcohol? Definitely a silly achievement for the president,” another critical tweep, @ayaabdullah, said on Sunday, referring to Islamist President Mohammed Mursi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

However, others had a different point of view expressing their confusion over why some dislike the Islamist Egyptian president.

“Why are people fighting Mursi and his regime when alcohol is clearly [rejected],” Twitter user ‏@amorashed2h, who clearly supported the alcohol-free hotel, said.

Others, like ‏@TamerAwad, said: “If Egypt’s Islamist regime wanted to ban alcohol, it would have done so.”

Proud Islamists

Meanwhile, Islamists and Salafists in Egypt have described the opening of the alcohol-free hotel as “historic,” Al-Mesryoon website reported.

A top Sunni cleric in the Red Sea, Sheikh Ahmed Tawofee, was at the hotel opening and reiterated that the inauguration was “historic,” the report said, adding the hotel gives tourists a chance for “good, clean and healthy fun.”

A video posted on YouTube shows hotel managers celebrating the launch by smashing bottles of alcohol and pouring out their contents.

The three-star establishment has 134 rooms and 35 suits. It also allocated the top floor and a swimming pool to women only.

It also provides various services, including treatment for alcohol addiction.