Video: Saudi city continues with hospitable traditions

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Al-Namas city in southern Saudi Arabia continues to keep its traditions when receiving guests.

The city has long been known for its over-the-top welcoming of guests who visit the historic city.

One man from the city said being a “generous host” is extremely important.

“The southern region as a whole is known for their passion to receive guests. A tribe receives the guests and offers them valuable gifts. We have inherited this from our grandparents, they used to say, whenever you own a nice thing, keep it for the guests.”

The protocol to welcome guests starts when members of the Al-Namas tribe stand in one line facing another visiting tribe, then inviting them over.

After ushering visitors inside the tribal sheikh’s home, traditional coffee and incense are offered.

The host also starts to welcome the visitors by reciting poetry, including spontaneous poems, known as Shaila, composed especially for their visitors.

Last but not least, a big feast is served.

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