Vintage vehicles on show in Libya's Benghazi

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Car enthusiasts were able to catch a glimpse of classic cars in Libya’s second largest city, Benghazi, as collectors showed off their vintage vehicles.

Mercedes, Fords and Chevrolets were among the models being showcased by Libyan owners.

The show was held by the Libya Classic Car Club which organizes the annual event.

“It includes a number of classic cars, owned by Libyans, they’re shown here to show its historical importance, the maintenance and they take part in these shows every year,’’ said club member Nabeil Anwar.

The vehicles on show were manufactured before 1982, with one of the oldest cars being a Ford made in 1925.

Most of the owners have invested a lot of time and money to restore their vehicles to their former glory.

“This car is an Oldsmobile, an American car, 1955, and this one is a local one, because there are local ones and imported ones. I bought it in Sabha, the old man that I bought if from said it belonged to Fazzan Magistrate’s driver, and this was the Magistrate’s car. It was kept in the garage for 30 years,’’ said collector Awad al-Hamidi.

‘‘We started repairing it, over the past four of five years. We got the parts from America, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey so as to restore it to its original, no modifications. We wanted to return everything to its original condition,’’ he added.

Visitors said the event allowed them to forget about the ongoing security woes in the country,

“It’s very nice to see such shows in Benghazi, such shows and such activities reflects the real face of Benghazi not what we hear about explosions and assassinations,” said Hassan al-Bakosh.

The major oil producer remains anarchic and awash with weapons after the Western-backed uprising, government security forces are still struggling to control the regional militias who fought former Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi and now want to keep hold of the influence they gained during the revolution.