Ex-presidential hopeful warns TV host of ‘belly dancer’ fate

Famous belly dancer Sama al-Masri had previously been imprisoned over investigation into her TV channel

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Murtadha Mansour, who recently dropped his bid to be Egypt’s third presidential candidate, has warned a television host to stop “spreading lies” or else face a similar fate to that of formerly-imprisoned famous belly dancer Sama al-Masri, local media reported Friday.

During the press conference for the signing of footballer Ibrahim Salah, Mansour, who also heads the Zamalek football club, made his remarks, Al-Mesryoon website reported.

He warned Capital Broadcast Center (CBC) manager Mohammed al-Amin to keep the comments from one of the presenters from his television channel in line of what he deemed as against Zamalek.

“Moahmmed al-Amin you have nothing to do with Zamalek, I have to warn [the presenter Ahmed Shuwaiber] to stop spreading lies or else his fate will be like [that of] Sama al-Masri. I am not joking, my words are clear.”

In addition to her belly dancing career, Masri also owned Folol, a television channel, where she made parody songs deriding politicians and well-known figures - including Mansour when he announced his desire to enter the presidential race.

Mansour in turn threatened to shut down Folol.

Jailed dancer

Before recently being released on bail, Masri spent time in prison after a pending investigation into Folol, which is Arabic for the word “remnants” – usually associated with officials from the era of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Mansour said “you can criticize Zamalek as you like, say I have failed, say I am a liar but do not spread lies through Shuwaiber.”

He said one of the lies Shuwaiber invented is that the interior minister did not know about meetings between the football clubs.

On Thursday, Egypt’s interior minister met with the football committee to discuss whether or not fans can finally attend games after violent incidents.

“It has been agreed with the interior minister to put measures to allow fans to come and attend games gradually,” Mansour said.

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