In India, in-laws sell woman’s kidney for not meeting dowry demand

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A woman in India’s West Bengal state has filed a complaint with local police after her husband, mother-in-law and brother-in-law plotted to steal and sell her kidney after her parents couldn’t afford the requested Dowry.

The woman, 28-year-old Rita Sarkar, said that two years ago she had suffered from appendicitis to which she would have a surgery done to extract it.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Sarkar said: “Around two years ago, I began suffering from acute stomach ache. My husband took me to a private nursing home in Kolkata, where he and the medical staff told me that I would be fine after removing my inflamed appendix through surgery.”

Despite the extraction Sarkar’s pain persisted. Her husband urged her to keep quiet post the surgery and ignored her discomfort.

Desperately seeking an answer, she reportedly sought the North Bengal Medical Collee and Hospital with some relatives. To her horror, Sarkar learned that she was missing her right kidney.

“I then understood why my husband implored me to keep quiet about the surgery. He sold my kidney because my family couldn’t meet his demand for dowry,” said Sarkar.

Since filing the complaint, her husband and brother-in-law were detained. Her mother-in-law is yet to be found. The men have reportedly confessed to the crime claiming it was “sold to a businessman in Chhattisgarh,” said the paper.

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