Doctor revels mystery behind severed feet washing up on shores in US, Canada

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A doctor has revealed a theory behind why chopped-off feet inside trainers keep washing up on shores in North America.

On Dr Karan Raj’s TikTok page, a new video features him delving into the mystery of severed feet being found on the shores of the Salish Sea between Canada and the US, the Sun reported Friday.

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Since August 20, 2007, 21 severed feet have washed up on the beaches.

However, Dr Raj has worked out a theory that could explain the grim discoveries.

He said: “It is because of the trainers they were seen inside. When a human corpse falls to the ocean floor, it’s quickly set upon by scavengers.

“These scavengers are lazy feeders and prefer to eat the softer parts of our bodies first.

“Some of the softest parts of us are the soft tissues and ligaments around our ankles.”

Dr Raj said that when scavengers chow down on this, the foot will detach easily from the body.

The doctor has also explained that footwear designs explains why the feet in trainers have been found since 2007.

He said: “Over the last few decades, shoes have become more buoyant.

“As a result, we could be seeing more severed feet on our shores.”

In December 2017, the Coroners Service in British Columbia ruled out foul play. It ruled all the feet came from people who were killed either in accidents or by suicide.

The most recent discovery was on January 1, 2019, on Jetty Island in Everett, Washington. It was found in a boot and DNA later tied it to Antonio Neill

He had been missing since December 12, 2016.

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