Earth reflecting less light, becoming dimmer due to climate change: Report

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Earth is reflecting less light and is becoming dimmer due to climate change, according to a recent report.

New research suggests that Earth’s brightness has been changing, and the amount of light Earth reflects has dropped almost 0.5 percent, based on data collected over two decades, the science news website Live Science reported.

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The research is centered around the observation of earthshine, the light that Earth reflects onto the surface of the dark side of the moon.

The observation of earthshine is combined with satellite observations of Earth’s reflectivity, and the sun’s brightness in order to collect data, according to Live Science.

Scientists have been observing earthshine since 1998 to study how it fluctuates.

Researchers concluded that the change in the amount of light Earth is reflecting comes from a change in the planet Earth itself.

According to data, Live Science reported that some of the change is caused by a loss of bright low-altitude clouds over the eastern Pacific Ocean, where there are stark temperature increases at the ocean surface.

The Live Science report concluded that the change in brightness also has implications for the future of climate, which could increase the pace of climate change

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