Syrian opposition radio station launches from Istanbul

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A radio station funded by opposition Syrian NGOs and established by Syrian youths has officially launched from Istanbul three months after the experimental broadcast phase, BBC Arabic reported on Friday.

The ”Al-Kol” radio station (meaning ‘everyone’ in Arabic) records its programs in Istanbul but these programs are broadcast in the Syrian cities of Idlib, Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Damascus and its suburbs by activists inside Syria.

Jamil Taha, the radio’s executive director, told BBC Arabic that activists who broadcast the station’s program work amid threatening circumstances as they face the possibilities of being shelling by regime troops that identify the broadcast signal.

On why the station was dubbed “Al-Kol,” he said the aim is to reflect that everyone at the station works towards one goal, that is reaching all Syrians.

He also said that some of those who work at the radio station used to work at the Syrian state television and radio station, adding that security reasons prevent workers from revealing their names.

A female who worked for the Syrian television goes by the name Knour because her family members are currently under the regime’s detention.

Mohammad Baroud however goes by his real name. He presented the first newscast at “Al-Kol.”

Patriotic station

The station is a patriotic channel because it does not aim to only operate during the revolution, Taha said.

He added that the station will continue its work until after the revolution in order to help establish independent media.

One of the station’s features is its area of coverage inside Syria.

In addition to it, there are three more. Two broadcast in Turkey and another operates inside Syrian land controlled by rebels.

Hammam al-Akkad, a sound engineer at “Al-Kol” said these three station’s coverage is limited.

Less than ten Syrian youths run the station, and they work from the Syrian National Coalition’s media office in Istanbul.

Executive director of the coalition’s media office Walid Taleb clarified that the coalition only provides space and logistic support for those who run the station.

Taha confirms that “Al-Kol” radio station does not represent any opposition party and that its policy is independent, adding however that they do work with opposition parties in order to achieve the revolution’s aims.