London exhibition to showcase Muslims who saved Jews during Holocaust

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A new exhibition to be held in central London will showcase pictures of Muslims who saved Jews during the Holocaust, the BBC has reported.

The Righteous Muslim Exhibition, to be launched at the Board of Deputies of British Jews in Bloomsbury, “hopes to inspire new research into instances of collaboration between the Muslim and Jewish communities,” the BBC reported.

The exhibition will showcase photographs of 70 Muslims who sheltered Jews during World War II, and will be “displayed alongside stories detailing their acts of heroism.”

Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to victims of the Holocaust, honors around 25,000 “righteous persons” who “risked their lives” to protect Jews under Nazi Germany.

The 70 Muslims have reportedly been added to the list.

“These communities were dispersed in the aftermath of the Second World War, and as the older generation passes away, these stories will be lost,” said Fiyaz Mughal, director of the charity Faith Matters, and co-author of the booklet “The Role of the Righteous Muslims.”

Mughal told the BBC that he hopes the exhibition will encourage the younger generation of both Jews and Muslims “to research this area in partnership,” adding: “That’s the best thing for empathy and cohesion: shared learning, and a common pride in who we are.”

“One of the main drivers of the project is that there are some small sections in Jewish communities who are trying to rewrite history and say that Muslims overwhelmingly helped the Nazis.

“And on the other side, there is a small section of the Muslim community who do not want to talk about the Holocaust for the sake of not wanting to build up an empathy with Jewish communities.

“That is unacceptable, because factually it’s untrue,” he added.

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