Gaza film nominated for Cannes Award

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Palestinian film "Condom Lead" is in the running for an award at the 2013 Cannes film festival this week.

The low-cost film, shot on a single day in Amman for a budget of $7,000 U.S. dollars, is competing in the Short Films category in the prestigious French festival.

The plot is based on Israel's war on Gaza in 2008-2009, which began with a week of air attacks and shelling, followed by a land invasion of the blockaded coastal strip, sealed off at sea by the Israeli navy. Some 1,400 Palestinians were killed and 13 Israelis died.

The joint Palestinian and Jordanian production was directed by twin brothers Ahmad and Mohammad Abu Nasser, often known as Tarzan and Arab, who left the Gaza strip to participate in a film festival in Jordan where they stayed and directed "Condom Lead."

The writer of the film said due to the sensitivity of its storyline, they chose to film it outside of Gaza.

"We decided to produce it in Jordan because there is more liberty than here. We found a woman to act in the film. In Gaza, the government, the culture, the women will no accept this kind of movies to be filmed in the strip. It was hard to film it here because the idea is related to sex, condom and a child," explained Khalil Al-Mozian, who also heads the "Made in Palestine" production company in Amman.

The film aims to show how the war can mess the people's desires and lives, turning love into hate and betrayal.

"I wish that the film will win, because it is a beautiful film and they could produce it in a nice way. I wrote the script, the idea is so new. It is not a traditional film about sex and war. It is a new idea that was never discussed in other films," said Al-Mozian.

Algerian actress Maria Hamdi plays the leading role beside Palestinian Rashid Abdul Hamid.

"Condom Lead" was filmed in Jordan last February.

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