Golden Oldies: Iconic Arab artists brought back to life

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Art-loving Egyptians have brought legendary Arab artists back by breathing life into them via social media platforms. Art junkies commemorated the iconic Arab singers by dedicating Facebook pages to their music, whilst promoting their art among the new generations.

Nagwa Ibrahim, an admin to a Facebook page dedicated to the Egyptian diva Umm Kalthoum, told Al Arabiya her main goal was to show the new generation the star’s long-lasting art.

Users have grown fond of Abdul Wahad, Abdel Halim Hazef, Farid al-Atrash and Umm Kolthoum.

Ibrahim said the page garnered more than 750 thousand followers.

Another page dedicated to the musical composer Farid El-Atrash shows unique pictures of the artist, along with personal life stories.

The art activists are attempting to delve a little deeper into the lives of these music legends.

Pictures on both pages share intimate details of life off the stage and out of the spotlight.

This picture shows Egyptian diva Umm Kolthoum playing with a baby. (Photo courtesy: Facebook)