Lebanese contemporary art on show in Beirut’s UNESCO palace

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Over 100 Lebanese artists are exhibiting their work at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, as part of the “Visual Art Forum IV: Lebanese Contemporary Art” show.

The display, which will run until Oct. 23, was organized by the Beirut Municipality and the Lebanese Artists' Association.

The 110 artists taking part each submitted a single piece of work for display.

According to newspaper the Daily Star Lebanon, paintings dominate the works on show. However, there are some photographs, installations and sculptures on display to give viewers some variety.

One example of an installation on show is artist Mohammad Murad Obeidi’s piece entitled “Three steps to democracy.”

Although he is known for his mixed media on canvas work, this piece consists of a trio of faces set in bronze. The first captures the face of a man, the second a battered face, missing one eye, and the third is a skull, reported the Daily Star Lebanon.

The message hits home.

According to the newspaper, another piece at the event was Adnan Hakani’s “If dust would speak.”

A large scale semi-abstract work, Hakani’s piece was created with nothing but pigment, sand and colored soil gathered from around Lebanon. Below the canvas are small white bowls containing the sand, to show the diversity of shades Hakani was able to collect.

“Last step to liberation,” a photographic print on canvas by Shogh Ian, depicts a muscular man clad in a white, featureless mask walking through a forest. It is one example of the few photography-based pieces on show.

The Lebanese Artists Association was first founded in 1957 and works to promote artists in the country, according to their official website.