New matchmaking site targets young ‘hipster’ Muslims

Site aims to cater for the needs of “proud Muslim Americans”

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Muslim matrimonial websites often have a rather rigid, traditional theme.

But Hipster Shaadi, a new matchmaking site, was launched late last month to cater for the needs of “proud Muslim Americans.”

“Are you a feminist and so you think 90% of the male Muslim population is crossed off the list?” the website asks.

“Want someone who has a social mind, loves to study Islamic tradition, is open-minded and loves to bake, talk about art and fashion? Well, you haven’t met our bold, humble, and feminist brothers!”

The site’s U.S.-based founders, 26-year-old Shereen Nourollahi and 24-year-old Humaira Mubeen, started the website after meeting on an online forum while discussing the large gap between the expectations of parents and approach of younger generations to marriage, according to UK-based newspaper The Guardian.

After the “Islamic identity” that many young American Muslims have, the site intends to help its users speak for their own interests that “American-born kids really care about,” Nourollahi told the newspaper.

The most popular profiles are ones that are laced with humor, she said.

The profile for male user states that a potential partner should be “halal [allowed] in the streets but haram [forbidden] in the sheets.”

A common attribute that many of the listings have are “progressive, open-minded and willing to adapt,” according to the site’s co-founder.