‘Peace be upon the Prophet’ project set for launch in Makkah

The exhibition will consist of Allah’s 99 names, an explanation of the Prophet’s character and manners

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Saudi Arabia's Makkah governorate and the municipality have designated a one million square meter area for a project that will defend Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and explain the true nature of the Prophet's teachings, Makkah daily reported.

Called "Peace be upon the Prophet," the project is described as a city designed to combat the malicious campaign launched against the Prophet of Islam in several countries. The project will be located outside the Haram boundaries on the Al-Haramain Expressway and will give non-Muslims a firsthand view of the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh) and Islam.


The city will include the project’s main headquarters, an exhibition, university, electronic gate center, library, printing press, translation center, hotels and other facilities. The project will also oversee the printing of an encyclopedia on the Prophet (pbuh) his companions and Islam.

The encyclopedia will include various subjects about the Qur'an and Sunnah in 500 volumes, covering 350,000 pages and consisting of three million titles. The encyclopedia has been registered with the Ministry of Information in the Kingdom, and in other countries such as Egypt and Malaysia, and the final touches are being given to 80 volumes.

The exhibition will consist of Allah’s 99 names, an explanation of the Prophet’s character and manners, Islam and other prophets and messengers. The library will contain everything that has been published about the Prophet and Islam in Arabic and several other languages. The media center will include a number of satellite channels and media in different languages to highlight the cultural and educational teachings of Islam. The electronic center will include a number of websites dedicated to the Prophet (pbuh) and Islam.

The translation center will be responsible for translating all works into various languages, and will commence with translations into commonly-spoken languages first, followed by other languages. The printing press has already received the necessary license from the Ministry of Information and will publish all documents regarding the project. The publishing center has also finalized the necessary legal procedures to establish an electronic publishing gateway dedicated to the project.

The university will specialize in the Qur'an and Shariah, and graduates will be granted certificates in such subjects.

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