Artist celebrates UAE National Day with a message to Arab women

Italy-based contemporary Emirati artist Fatma Lootah is celebrating in color and style

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Italy-based contemporary Emirati artist Fatma Lootah is celebrating UAE national day by showcasing a series of paintings in Dubai this week.

Her exhibition, which is called “Women scented in Oud,” will take place from Dec. 1– Dec.13 2014.


“Since I got back to the UAE, I have been trying to do something to celebrate the country’s National Day,” Lootah told Al Arabiya News, explaining that this exhibition was “the perfect opportunity.”


“The beauty of the event and its importance to me made me want to display my work at that time,” Lootah said.

“I prefer presenting my work during special events such as the National day or in Ramadan so I can share with people a special moment,” she added.

The unique exhibition, which takes place at the “Fann-À-Porter” art Gallery in Dubai, aims to empower the Arab female population.

“Women in the Arab world should be given more importance,” she said adding that it is the reason behind her choice to make a series of paintings on them.


“I decided to shed the light on their strength and beauty instead of their struggle,” she added.

Lootah often opts for themes related to spirituality, women’s struggles but also social and political turmoil.

The artist who now spends around six months a year in the UAE left the country to study in the U.S. in 1979 and has never returned to live in her native country.


But she says she left the UAE for “major reasons” as no one “would leave such a country unless they have to.”

Lootah who moved to Italy more than 20 years ago sees herself as a “bridge” between arts in the West and in the Oriental world.

“I have been trying in the past few year to create a bridge between what I learnt and discovered in Italy or in the West in general and our oriental world,” Lootah said.

“My Emirati heritage and my culture are clearly reflected in my creations and my artwork,” she said.


As part of her mission to bridge the gap between East and West, Lootah had asked “several Arab artists to showcase their work in her gallery in Italy.”

“We can’t give up on the beauty of the Middle East and we can’t give up on the West either,” she said.

Speaking about her future plans, Lootah, said that she will “be showcasing [her] work in different art galleries throughout the year.”


In February, the artist is due to present her work in India before flying to Jordan for a joint exhibition.

Lootah previously showcased her work in countries around the world including Italy, France, Austria and Morocco.

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