Lebanese artist holds first Jeddah exhibition

Lina Talih celebrates the inauguration of her first Jeddah art exhibition.

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A famous Lebanese artist celebrated the inauguration of her first Jeddah art exhibition in Alalamia Gallery.

In the exhibition, Lina Talih displayed 31 paintings of modern cities and other Lebanese views, boats, harbors.

Last month she held an exhibition at Gallery SV Solidere in Beirut.

These two exhibitions in Beirut and Jeddah were the outcome of around six years of work.

Talih acquired most of her art education in Lebanon, held her first solo exhibition at the age of 16 and has continued her artistic endeavors since then.

Talih has been exhibiting oils, aquarelles and acrylics in Lebanon and abroad since 1968 and has participated in many workshops in Canada and Paris.

She also has participated in many group shows and is particularly proud of having illustrated the book “Lebanon I Love”.

She said: “I am a Lebanese painter and I acquired my art education in Lebanon.

“This is my 10th solo exhibition.”

Talih has travelled to Paris and Montreal regularly and closely followed the evolution of art and its new techniques.

Lebanese Consul General Ziad Atallah and his wife visited the exhibition and admired the paintings.

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette on April 28, 2015.